Call out to all my blog readers to call in to my radio interview tomorrow 2:30 MST

Please tune into KARN 102.9 FM, Little Rock, Arkansas this Saturday from 2-3  pm MST and enjoy my radio interview on The Ex Factor Radio Show with Andy  Pearson. Thank you, Andy, for making these arrangements. Andy has a call in  show, so please call your questions in at 800-264-0092 or 501-433-0092. See you all Saturday on the Radio!

As so many of you know, I am ending the writing of the book so now begins the promotion portion.  PLEASE, please, please call in tomorrow and see if your question can be asked live on the air.  And please don’t ask any questions that you know I can’t answer~!~~~!
And most of all try to get a plug in for where you can get a Marriage Mouse for a friend of yours.  And of course ask how to buy the book!
Hoping to drive sales, drive viewers to my still being birthed website (which will only be up in very rough form tomorrow, but it’s a test for us) and hoping to drive repeat appearances on this 50,000 watt station which has this show specializing on divorce every week.  I’d like to be a repeat monthly guest.  And with your help, we can make this happen.  
My goal is to flood their lines with callers so they have to have me back.
I will be on around 2:30 MST and hope to hear from you on the radio.
I feel like I am on American Idol and begging for you to call and keep me around for another week!
And Most Of All; to each of you thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
And so life goes…on and on! And what an exciting and fun ride it is!

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