Sharing Is Achieving. To Succeed, Tell Others About Your Goals

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What!  You, too?  I thought I was the only one.”  C.S. Lewis

Which is why, regardless of your goals, it’s good to find a friend, maybe even several! Experts say sharing your goals with others is vital to achieving them. Electing your own personal goal-related “board of directors” can give you important tools—knowledge, insight, moral support and even humor—to help you get results.

How important these words have become during The Book project!  Almost each and every step of The Book has been new territory for me and I’m so very appreciative of the many who have shared their wisdom, lessons learned, and experiences as well as contacts and connections.

However during this process, I believe you should carefully consider how (or who) you turn to for advice.  Picking buddies can be fraught with danger; implicit in the concept is the level of trust and confidence you seek. Will you ruin a long-term, otherwise healthy relationship by pressing your spouse, neighbor, or friend into a new role that really doesn’t suit him?

Don’t be afraid to share your goals with family and friends. Having those closest to you in on your plans can mean daily, invaluable support and assistance. The fact that you’ve confided in them is a powerful motivator for helping you remain consistent and persistent.

Avoid naysayers. Some folks just have the habit of belittling or ridiculing the goals of others, whether because they feel inadequate and threatened, or are simply mean! You‘re under no obligation to discuss your goals or action plan with anyone.

If someone close to you is unsupportive, either tune out the negativity or distance yourself from that person. If that person is your partner or lives in the same household, the problem’s a bit more complicated. As far as possible, try to understand the motivation behind the negativity; is the person critical of your particular goal or of goals in general?

Remember the old adage: to make a friend you have to be a friend. Make your friendships win-win situations by making sure to give something back.

Yesterday I sent out an email to 26 smart people asking them to pick their favorite two titles from a list of 15 or so proposed titles for my “speech”.  Not only did I get their picks, I got such good logically thought out input as to why they picked the title they picked.  Their input is very much appreciated and I hope I soon have a chance to reciprocate for them.

Sharing your goals with others is a powerful step towards both clarifying and fulfilling them. Not only are you more likely to follow though once you’ve voiced them—you’re more likely to have fun along the way!

And so life goes…on and on.

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