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Duke..thank you for your kind words.

I always encourage my peeps to take a moment to write a note of thank you to those who impact your life. I’m like the rest of you and when I receive one it simply makes my day brighter, my load much less heavy, and my step quicker.  Thank you Duke for all you do to enrich my life and thank you for taking the time to send me such a beautifully written note.  I am humbled.  Be sure to follow Duke Nielsen and his very engaging work. He is writing a fascinating book which currently has the working title of How to Lead Work Relationships That Make Work Satisfyingly Self-Motivating and Organizations Amazingly More Successful. He writes from a lifetime of fascinating work/life experiences.

To any and all of us who take time to be active on social media you all know the heart-felt thrill I experienced to have received the following email from a fantastic biz friend of mine.

After Jeanie and I returned home from watching the second of two under 5 year old great grandsons’ basket ball games this afternoon, I was elated to see an email from you about your blog. I have just spent the following 90 minutes immensely enjoying reading episodes back to 2012. I must say it is by far the most interesting, entertaining, and usefully informative blog I have ever read. It seems to me to be sort of a history book of your discovery and application of satisfying quality of life’s useful and supportive lessons. I am familiar with several of the referencend famous people’s observations that are so profoundly foundational to a productive and intrinsically rewarding quality of life from the hundreds of books I have about these famous people.
The dates at the start of each episode didn’t reach my consciousness at first. When I got to the ones about Payton Manning and the Rockies and noted the dates on these episodes, I was taken aback by the realization that this blog is a continuous and sometimes daily sharing of things that are immensely satisfying to you and potentially for those you respect and hold dear. I am pleasantly and admiringly overwhelmed by your demonstrated commitment to and the effort you apply to constantly supporting other’s efforts in achieving satisfying quality of life as the foundation of your satisfying quality of life. I am very thankful to be one of the multitudes who are your friends.
Thank you for the joy and great lessons in your blog. 
It’s people like Duke who have made my life a very rich journey. I am blessed and honored to call him my friend.
Have a great week everyone.
And so life goes…on and on

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