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To Reach Your Dreams ~ You have to Learn How to Fly

Best Seller ~

Secrets of the Marriage Mouse ~ 

Find Your Forever Love in 4 Proven Steps

Thank you to everyone who supported yesterday’s virtual book launch and everyone who bought the book, wrote “Reviews” and “Liked” Secrets of the Marriage Mouse. Those actions really do matter to Amazon and to Google.  I am so GRATEFUL and I know you will LOVE reading Secrets and watching the amazing changes those powerful 4 Steps bring.

We sold out Amazon Fulfillment Centers by 1:00 p.m. Good problems to have, we think!

Joining in the book launch of my first book means the world to me.  Even though I have other books in progress, there will never be another “first” book, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of “Secrets of the Marriage Mouse“.

It was living the experiences I wrote about in the book and then the writing of the book which gave me great peace and satisfaction.  I finally knew deep in my core that I was “enough” just as I am.  This process allowed me to move from a workaholic life with relationships that were 59 boring, monotonous Shades of Gray to a love-filled brilliant Technicolor life.

While these life-changing experiences could have happened much sooner in my life, I am now comfortable knowing they happened when they should have, when I was ready, and just as they should have.  I am grateful each and every day for the interesting, diverse, and never ever boring life I’ve been blessed to life.

Thanks again for your AMAZING support and to those who bought the book, I would be SO GRATEFUL if you could leave a kind review on Amazon so other people can benefit from your valuable recommendation. Take a moment to “Write a Review” and you will get the Marriage Mouse Companion Workbook FREE as a thank you from me.  Once you have Reviewed, please send me a quick email and I will send you the Marriage Mouse Workbook as my gift to you.

You will also receive the free gift if you post the following on Twitter or Facebook:

Just released: Secrets of the Marriage Mouse~ Best Seller Gets Yours Right Away! #MarriageMouse

Thank you for your support and your encouragement along my journey.  Stay tuned…the keyboard is humming and some fascinating goodies are being churned out for you.

No more living life in Shades of Gray when you can live in brilliant love-filled Technicolor!  My very best wishes to you for a love filled life.

Marcia Reece, Best Selling Author  🙂
PO Box 390245

Denver, CO 80239

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Who Says I Love You more often and who says it first?

My dear friend, Ana Weber, just shared with me some fascinating online survey results and I think you might also find them interesting.  This survey asked 80,000 members a series of questions regarding the three most important words in any relationship: “I love you.”

 The results were quite intriguing—contrary to popular belief, it is actually the man who says “I love you” first and more often in any serious relationship. The survey also asked where men and women prefer saying “I love you,” as well as how long it takes both sexes to reach this milestone.

Dating Survey: Men Say “I Love You” First and More Often

Women may express emotions more than men, but that doesn’t mean they’re quick to saying “I Love You.”  Seventy Six percent of all serious relationships began with the man saying, “I love you.” 73 percent also stated that men say “I love you” more often. While the survey shows that men tend to embrace this relationship milestone first, they do so privately. Approximately 81 percent of men prefer to say “I love you” in the bedroom, whereas 67 percent of women prefer to say “I love you” over the phone.

The survey yielded the following results:

MEN first say “I Love You” at an average of 6 weeks into the relationship.
·         81 percent of men first said “I love you” in a private setting, such as the bedroom.
·         11 percent of men first said “I love you” over the phone via call or text.
·         8 percent of men first said “I love you” in a public setting, such as a restaurant.

WOMEN first say “I Love You” at an average of 8 weeks into the relationship.
·         30 percent of women first said “I love you” in a private setting, such as the bedroom.
·         67 percent of women first said “I love you” over the phone via call or text.
·         3 percent of women first said “I love you” in a public setting, such as a restaurant.

These numbers may shed light on why certain relationships last. Men are often perceived as emotionally reserved compared to women. This survey completely contradicts this stereotype, proving that men are as emotionally invested as women in any serious relationship.

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60 Months and a Very Real Prayer Request

September 6, 2007 and my life was about to change.  I had moved to Denver just 6 weeks earlier and was so excited to be near my family again.  I loved the new home I had purchased and was busy settling in.

I was invited to a party at Shooz – a shoe store which is now closed  😦

Shooz was having a fall shoe preview party and I thought it would be a great way to meet some of the ladies in the neighborhood where I had just moved.

Little did I know going to that shoe store party would set my world on end.

My message today is to live full out.  Take chances.  Go places you might not usually go.  Always be ready for the dreams on your Dream Board to come true, because they do come true!! Show gratitude each and every day for the miracles in your lives.

Because I went to the shoe store:

  • I met Ted
  • We fell in love
  • We married
  • I wrote Secrets of the Marriage Mouse and new doors continue to open each day thanks to this little book
  • and life just keeps getting richer and fuller

We have celebrated each and every one of these 60 months and what a joy having a life partner has become!!

On another note, my precious great niece Gabby Lohse is having an important surgery today and I would encourage each and every one of you to stop for a moment today and pray for the skill of Gabby’s surgeons.  Gabby was born deaf.  At 9 months old she had bilateral cochlear implants.  Her adaption to her “new ears” has been beyond all expectations.  We all have been so grateful.

Yesterday my niece posted on Facebook that one of the implants had become infected and today it was being removed.  Gabby will have 4-6 weeks to “beat that darn old infection” and then the implant will be re-implanted.

Please say a prayer for this beautiful little girl – that her hearing will be restored and she will skip right over this road bump.  Gabby is very special to me.  I was in Northwestern Hospital recovering from my colon surgery when I learned Gabby was deaf.  Suddenly, my procedure took on a new perspective.  We both had great outcomes.  We are both fighters.  She is the oldest of the 3 girls in her family, I was the youngest of 3 girls in my family.  Gabby, I think this foretells great things for you!!

GO Gabby GO!!

Gabby, you and I both have so much for which to be grateful!



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