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It’s time for the Truth

It’s been a great week in the business of being an author!  Many steps forward and a few that caused me to take a step backward and then head out in a new direction.

So after such an intense week of hard work, I believe today is just for fun and what better way to have fun than with a good story.  Enjoy and please send me your comments after you read this fun story.

There was once a man who wanted to find the truth. He traveled the world, from country to country, town to town, village to village. Nobody knew where the truth lived. Some had great theories, but the man was not successful and he kept searching.

One day, in a small village far away, the people told him that they had heard that the truth lived at the top of the mountain, just nearby. He walked for several more days until he arrived at a small house on the mountain top. He knocked on the door.

An old, old woman answered.  She had long grey hair, many wrinkles on her face but bright, shining eyes.  He knew he had arrived.  He said, “I am looking for the truth.”  And she replied,” I am the truth.”

The man stayed with her for a long time.  He learned everything there is to know about the truth and after several years, he decided it was time to return to the world.

Just before he left, he asked the old woman,” Is there anything you would like to world to know about the truth?  Any message you would like me to deliver?” She thought for a moment and then said, “when they ask you what is the truth like? Tell them I’m young and beautiful.”

I’ve wondered about this story for years.  It makes me smile and just when I think I know what it means, another question pops up.

What I do know is that I’ve always felt very connected to the concept of truth.  And I know that I have been blessed by many wise women in my life who have told me truths.

What do you think it means?

And so life goes…on and on.

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I’ve missed you…it’s been too long

My apologies for the length of time that has passed since my last blog.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who reached out to me during the Aurora shootings ~ what a tragedy for so many.

And also thank you to those who gently prodded me to get back to blogging.

My TO-DO list is truly staggering as I come ever-nearer to my book launch deadline.  What a journey this has been!  I could never have imagined.

The book and workbook went back to my talented editor (also from Iowa 🙂 ) this week.  They are done!  Now she gets to set the format in stone and convert to both kinds of ebooks.  Again, a learning process for me as I had no idea, until she told me, what all is involved in that step.

As I read the book for the last time, before my final sign off, I sat back in my chair and felt contentment!  I read 349 pages out loud as I was advised to do to make sure I might find any errors and also to check to see if the book “read right”.  It’s amazing how that cadence becomes clear when you read out loud what our eyes breeze over…especially after seeing the same words for months and months.

I think you will be proud of the book; I am.  I am humbled that I wrote every one of those words on those 350+ pages and walked down that journey, every step to get to the wonderful place where I am today.  I am excited to offer a trip down that same path to all who read this book.  (Plus the 175 page workbook…wow; what a lot of work when I think back on it now).

Do you have any email followers who might want to receive an email notification of the date of the book launch?  If so, kindly let me know and I will send you the scripted email to send out and hopefully we will be able to drive some additional book sales.
Next big step is setting up the educational fund where 30% of all proceeds from book sales will go.  My passion is to help bright, talented, inspired kids who have no other way get a college education.  Those who know my background know why this is important to me; and if you don’t know, ask me and I’ll tell you why I chose this cause to hopefully make a difference.
treasure you and have been thrilled to have you walk down this path with me.  I have made a promise to myself, and now to you, to get back to blogging.  I thank you all for sticking with me on this journey and asking for more blogs!  Social media; it’s simply amazing.
And so life goes…on and on

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