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The past comes full circle

Many years ago, making sidewalk chalk for my children became a company called Our Kids.  I didn’t know anything about wholesaling or retailing, so I made my first trip to the Denver Merchandise Mart to begin to learn what I needed to know.  I met and hired a wonderful lady, Barbara Avrin, who became my first manufacturer’s representative.  I learned so much of what I needed to know from Barbara and I owe so much of Our Kids’ success to the lessons I learned from Barbara and Norma.

Fast forward to this summer.  One of my friends recommended I read a book, It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You! My friend felt this book would be helpful as I was beginning the marketing for my book.  I very much enjoyed this read!

I have found now that I have written a book, I read a book much differently than ever before.  I look at the format, the type style, the layout, the front and back cover art.  And I read the forward, the acknowledgements, and the author’s page.  I noticed the author of this book lived in Castle Rock, CO, about a 30 mile drive from my home.  I also noticed the author’s last name was the same as my dear friend, Barbara.  I wondered if they knew each other.

I did a little online research and sent an email to the author explaining all of the above to him, asking if he knew Barbara Avrin.  I was thrilled to hear back the next day saying Barbara was his mother.  That email led to a wonderful phone call.

I was so saddened to learn that Barbara had passed away two years ago, but I knew that I had to meet David and express to him in person all that his mother had meant to me and my professional growth. I proposed a lunch and I eagerly anticipated meeting Barbara’s son and a fellow author who has had great success with his writing and speaking career.

Our busy schedules made it really tough to coordinate our calendars.  But today was the day and I was emotionally moved to meet David and hug him and tell him how much I loved his mother and what she meant to me.  We shared “Barbara stories” and they are priceless.

I know Barbara was smiling on both of us!  I could feel it.  I kept looking at David’s face trying to see Barbara in his features.  He’s a wonderful man and a tribute to all she tried to install in her children.

David and I had much to discuss and I’m so pleased to have a new friend!

Barbara, I miss you so much, and I thank you for all that you brought to my life – way back in the days of Our Kids – and today, when your kind son so generously offered his thoughts, insights, and guidance of the journey I am now undertaking.

And so life goes on and on…



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Relationship Rats

Relationship Rats come in so many different versions…don’t be fooled by any of them.

Some Rats to watch out for and stay away from are:

The Hottie Charmer

This is a man who can make your heart skip a beat just by looking at him.  His words are tailor made for your ears to hear so you fall quick and hard for him. He knows exactly the words to whisper to get your attention and win your heart.

Hottie doesn’t make a good boyfriend.  He’s all about him. He will tell you he loves you one minute (this is the easiest way to get what he wants) and break your heart the next.

Everyone wants him and he knows it and it doesn’t take much for him to drop you to pursue someone else.  Stay away unless you love being with a man who moves from woman to woman like it’s his job!

The Man Just Out of a Relationship

There’s a good chance he’s dating before his divorce is final. He wants a woman he can lean on to help him forget and heal from his last relationship.  All of us need time to heal from a broken relationship before sticking our toe into the dating pool.

If you love being his shrink, go for it-otherwise stay away from him until his life is in order and he’s divorced.  Separated men have been known to go back to ex wives even when they’ve been in a relationship with someone else.

The Intellectual Man

He’s very left-brain and logical about life.  He doesn’t know how to handle a woman and her emotions and prefers the company of women who think like him.   You’ll do fine with him as long as you don’t need him to be your emotional support system.

If you’re run by your emotions, find someone else.  If you’re turned on by his intelligence and have a support system for everything else-go for it!

The Project Man

This is a man with a lot of troubles that most likely revolve around finances and ex’s.  In their own way, they are the male version of a drama queen.  Having been drained by life, they have very little to put into a relationship.

Their energy should be focused on getting their life together but they are often out there dating hoping someone will help them out and take care of them.  Stay away until his financial and emotional house is in order.  Not worth the effort and will ultimately end up draining you too.

Kick These Rats to the Curb and seek your Forever Love and find Everlasting Peace, Admiration, and Acceptance. 

You might want to consider:

The Nice Man-Average Joe

This man is most likely to make the best boyfriend for you.  He’s the kind of man who can grow on you-appearing quite average one minute and unbelievably handsome in your eyes the next.

He wants to please you and make you happy.  He wants to impress you so first dates can often be about him but its only because he’s really interested in you.

As time goes on, he’d have your back and do anything humanly possible to be there for you.  So worth checking out!

The Man Who Understands Emotions

This is a man who really comprehends a woman’s emotional side.  He’s empathetic, loving and caring and often quite romantic.  Chances are he’s either a lefty or ambidextrous.  This type of men can think and feel at the same time.

How much better can it be to have a man in your life who really understands your mind, body and soul?  If you love romance, go ahead and try him out!

You’ll find much more on Relationship Rats in Secrets of the Marriage Mouse.

This blog is adapted from the wisdom of Lisa Copeland, The Dating Coach who makes dating fun and easier over 50 is the founder of Find A Quality Man LLC.  To get your FREE Report… 5 Secrets to Finding A Quality Man and to receive her blog with tips and advice on finding and meeting your own Quality Man, visit


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