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Yoga Injury?

I just recently celebrated a birthday and along with getting a year older came a much requested membership to Pura Vida, a beautiful gym just 4 blocks from our home.  Our old gym was 40 minutes away through 4-5 lanes of traffic which was a definite impediment to my frequently going there.

I have now loved taking 3 yoga classes and, believe it or not, I ended up injured after class 3.  How in heaven’s name does one injure themselves in a beginning yoga class?  I sprained my left thumb, of all things!  My power texting thumb is injured!  My power typing thumb is aching! I’m choosing to accept this as a divine message to stay out of the office a little more and spend more time in the gym on non-yoga activities until my left thumb feels better.

Sunday morning at 8:30 is my beginning relaxation yoga class.  Ted is a very late sleeper but he agreed hesitantly to get up early and come with me this past Sunday.  And he LOVED the class.  I am thrilled as I’m pretty confident my thumb and I will be back at yoga this coming Sunday and we will both benefit from taking this class.

My daughter has tried to get me to begin yoga for many years and I have resisted and now I can’t imagine why as it is a wonderful centering meditation, a whole body stretch and a wonderful way to keep all the “parts” limber and moving.  Thank you, Suzanne, you were right all along.

Giving the thumb a rest now…have a great week.

And so life goes…on and on!

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