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Saying thank you is a little tough after the fact

Recently I was given a copy of Nora Ephron’s book, I Feel Bad About My Neck.

It’s a quick read and brought back so many wonderful memories.  I just love when books do that.  Thanks, Nora. 

Having just finished reading this book, I had an inkling in the back of my mind that Nora has passed away. So, I googled her, and I was right. Seeing the confirmation and the details made me sad as I wanted to write Nora and thank her for a fun trip down memory lane.  I often write notes to famous (and yet to be famous) authors telling them my thoughts on their writing.

You’d be surprised the responses I get back (and those I don’t hear from…)  Her book is cute and worth the time to read – especially for women of a certain age. I wanted to write her and thank her for her body of work and how much of it has touched me at different points in my life; but now it’s too late.

Lesson to be learned: live every day to your fullest; always say thank you to those who touch your life; and don’t worry too much about your neck…you’ll be sad once it stops working properly.

Take a moment today and say thank you to those who make a difference for you.  You’ll be glad you did and so will they.  Thank You for taking time to read this and for taking your time to reply.  I value your thoughts and love hearing from you.

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Ah shucks…it wasn’t nothin’

Ever wonder why it is so hard for us to accept thanks and praise gracefully? Me, too. It’s hard to accept a simple thanks for a favorable word or kind deed. We feel the need to explain why thanks are not really due. Usually our stammering could simply be converted to a simple “Thanks for noticing”. Let’s all practice learning to acknowledge our appreciation for kind remarks. And while we are learning to accept praise, let’s also practice offering sincere thanks and heartfelt praises for those who earn them.

Anyone have any great “accepting thanks” one-liners that work? Please share them.

If we fail to accept thanks when given, we are giving the impression to the person giving the praise and to those listening that we are undeserving of it. No need to inadvertently raise questions about your ability if you feel you are unworthy. If you aren’t grateful for the praise, those giving will be less inclined to do so again. None of us want those kind enough to say nice words to feel unappreciated.

How about  “Thank you for your kind words” with a sincere smile and watch some magic happen. Your smile will spread right back to those listening.

In our world today, a smile, praise, gratitude, sharing, and thanks are always welcome.

Please share the last time you received some unexpected praise. I know it made your day a little happier; it sure does mine.

Thank YOU for following and for commenting. I sincerely appreciate your time and thoughts.



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What is TOO Much and what is NOT Enough?

I’d like to invite your comments as to what is too much and what is not enough when you send someone a thank you gift for a business referral.

Recently I referred a client to a PR agency and was happily shocked to receive a $250 gift card to a 5 star restaurant mailed with a hand-written thank you note. Now is that TOO Much?  It sure made a lasting  impression on me.

What’s the right amount?  A $10 Starbuck card..bluh…seems so common place to me. A restaurant gift card?  If so, how much? Other ideas??

I often send $30 deluxe car wash gift cards and believe they are appreciated but am not sure. Is that too “manly” of a gift? Everyone drives a car and they always seem to need washing and detailing; but maybe it’s not personal enough. I’ve sent custom designed personalized postage stamps. Another item everyone uses and needs.

As you can begin to realize I’m presenting many, many questions. Please respond as to what you feel is appropriate, what’s not, what’s too ordinary, and what really hits the mark and makes the perfect lasting impression. Isn’t that what we are all striving for?

Yesterday I wrote about making the perfect first impression, but making a perfect and long-lasting impression with thank yous is my question and I’d like you to chime in and help me find some smart, clever, appreciated, used and useful solutions.

Can’t wait to hear…


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