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If not NOW, then WHEN

So often I’m asked when is the best time to send emails to the media. Here’s some wise advice from Michael Smart.

The second-best time of day to pitch media is between 10 am and noon, their time zone.

That used to be a slam dunk time slot when they weren’t as busy. It was a sweet spot after they had rolled in, had their coffee, got through their overnight email, and started moving forward with their day. But before lunch and looming deadlines.

But now they have to turn in multiple stories a day. Many are expected to post to multiple platforms. And then promote their work on social media.

So even that morning window has gotten cluttered. Absent any additional insight into your target media’s workflow, it’s still a decent time slot, if you have to guess.

That’s because the actual best time to pitch a given journalist or blogger is unique to each one.

One reporter might check email religiously at 8 a.m. but never after 5 p.m. (like the USAT reporter I spoke with recently). Another might put off non-urgent email until she turns in her primary story for the day around 7:30 pm (like a WSJ reporter I used to pitch).

And, of course, the best time of day to pitch varies widely depending on the type of media you’re pitching. A general rule of thumb for pitching TV and radio producers, especially for morning shows, is to contact them within an hour of the end of that day’s show.

So how can you find the best time of day for your target media? Short of asking them, which is usually unwise until you’ve earned their trust, here’s what you do:

Whenever you receive an email from one of your target journalists, record the time it was sent. Same thing with any contact from them via Twitter. Over time, your record will show if there is any rhyme or reason to their typical workflow (for some, there isn’t – they’re in their email constantly or virtually never).

What if you’re not receiving emails or tweets from them? Give them a reason. React positively to their work. Then add value beyond simply complimenting.

Be systematic about logging timing clues. Anything you can do to inform your guesses increases your probability of success.

For more tricks, tips, and techniques to boost your success with the media, check out The Ultimate Online Media Directory. It’s available here: http://amzn.to/1JDOKBQ

Marcia Reece is the #1 Bestselling author of Secrets of the Marriage Mouse and The Ultimate Online Media Directory. She serves as the founder of Aspen Support Group. Her latest book is available on her website at www.marciareece.com or on Amazon.com.

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Saying thank you is a little tough after the fact

Recently I was given a copy of Nora Ephron’s book, I Feel Bad About My Neck.

It’s a quick read and brought back so many wonderful memories.  I just love when books do that.  Thanks, Nora. 

Having just finished reading this book, I had an inkling in the back of my mind that Nora has passed away. So, I googled her, and I was right. Seeing the confirmation and the details made me sad as I wanted to write Nora and thank her for a fun trip down memory lane.  I often write notes to famous (and yet to be famous) authors telling them my thoughts on their writing.

You’d be surprised the responses I get back (and those I don’t hear from…)  Her book is cute and worth the time to read – especially for women of a certain age. I wanted to write her and thank her for her body of work and how much of it has touched me at different points in my life; but now it’s too late.

Lesson to be learned: live every day to your fullest; always say thank you to those who touch your life; and don’t worry too much about your neck…you’ll be sad once it stops working properly.

Take a moment today and say thank you to those who make a difference for you.  You’ll be glad you did and so will they.  Thank You for taking time to read this and for taking your time to reply.  I value your thoughts and love hearing from you.

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Time for Sharing

Yesterday was one of those extraordinary days that don’t happen but once in a while. The drive into the mountains was filled with sunshine and smooth sailing. I met with an exceptionally amazing client and our meeting was more than could have been expected. Thank you. The drive home started out late, so driving through a snow blizzard at Vail Pass to and through the tunnels all the way to Idaho Springs was a bit of a nail biter. Really!! “Snow, you need to be dead to me!”

Today, I’d like to share an email full of great advice I received from my colleague Shel Horowitz.   

Shel says: “Partner with others who already reach your key audience. Make it a real partnership–make friends with them, communicate not just when you want something from them. Be nice all the time: Comment on their newsletters and blogs, send links you think they’ll find interesting, be very friendly when you meet a conference. And also blow them away with how good you are at what you do. Most of my income comes from referrals through other industry professionals, including some of the top names in my field who list me as a resource on their websites.”

–Shel Horowitz, GreenAndProfitable.com/Business-For-a-Better-World.com 

Shel, wise advise and I agree with you 100%.  It’s all about Relationships! And never miss a moment to build or enrich a relationship.  Great words of Wisdom for all the member of TCO as well.

Make this a day you won’t forget for a while.





#1 Bestselling author, Secrets of the Marriage Mouse (Amazon.com)

The Ultimate Online Media Directory (Amazon.com)

TCO: Day 3

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A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple

As some of you know, I was berated pretty badly after I made a social media faux paux a few days ago. I have become determined to learn how to use social media correctly and also to learn the intricacies of social media etiquette.

Yesterday…it happened again!  I made another social media mistake. HOWEVER, instead of being drug through the coals and made to feel very badly, Debra Jason took her time to write me an email and kindly and with caring explain to me the better way to do what I was trying to do.  What a difference a simple act of caring made.

Debra, thank you for taking your time to help me learn. I’ve been on social media for about 2 years and am beginning to understand the power of the platforms but also the rules within which it’s best to play.

I will be paying your kindness forward today and will think of you as I do so. What a difference the two differing approaches has made.

Many years ago I was humbled to have Sam Walton (yes, THAT Sam Walton) teach me how to work with distribution centers and all the in’s and out’s. I was a farm girl who had never been in that kind of an environment and his kindness in helping me learn what he knew made a lifelong impact on me and helped to cement my belief to pay it forward.

In contrast to the social media man who berated me when he had an opportunity to help me learn and correct my mistake with kindness and a pay it forward attitude.

Life is full of these moments. It’s all how we choose to handle the moment. Lift someone up and take the chance to teach a lesson, or kick them because they made a mistake and miss that chance to be a lifelong inspiration in their lives.

How will you choose?  Sam Walton and I became lifelong friends and I miss him. The social media man unfriended me and missed out on my generosity in spreading the news about his work.

PS: I have just finished reading Debra’s new book, Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget (Amazon.com). It’s full of her wonderful wisdom and helpful tips, tricks, and techniques. I’ve reviewed it on Amazon and believe you will also enjoy it.


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Interesting question from a follower. Hope my answer helps you, too

Marcia, I don’t know of anyone who has so successfully marketed a book even close to what you do with your books. What’s the best way to market a book I’ve already written and which is now on Amazon? Thanks for taking time to work with me.  Dawn Brenner

Hi Dawn:  As you know, as in almost everything, It’s All About Relationships.  Create relationships with top websites devoted to your topic. Locate the top 10-12 high-traffic and targeted websites that fit your topic. Make sure to also include websites and blogs of media you want to cover your work. Take time to read and research all you can learn on the websites. Make notes and start thinking of the best ways to build a strong relationship. Here’s a good list of action items to begin building the relationships:

1) submit a pertinent excerpt from your book that ties into their website, blog, or editorial content

2) comment and contribute to their blog as often as you can – always using your customized signature, book title, and website

3) write an engaging (even a little outrageous) press release and send to the media outlets that serve the geographical area you are wanting to engage. Make sure your release will truly stand out from the stacks of others they receive. Do not mail your release in an ordinary envelope – I made mine look like the envelope a party invitation would come in. The envelope has gotten a very high open rate which has led to lots of media exposure.  Submit a new release with a different subject matter every other month.

4) submit a contest and make sure your books are given away as prizes

5) reach out to the media and find ways to make your book a story they just have to cover 

6) make sure your electronic signature includes the title of your book and your website so it is discreetly in their view

Forget about bookstore signings unless you are really willing to make them an all out marketing event. You have to really stand out and be willing to talk with everyone and be willing to accept a lot of “no’s” at those bookstores. You can make much better use of your marketing time.

Dawn, make sure you build relationships with those you want to promote your work. Send theme-related small gifts to the editors and media you want to impress. They love little surprises.  Not bribes, just thoughtful reminders of you and your book. I had postage stamps made from the cover art of my book and I sent ten stamps to each of my lists and they loved them. Be regular and send to your list at least quarterly.

These are only a few ideas, but these are good action items to start you on your way. The writers of these websites/blogs have to come up with volumes of content, so help them with their writing and they will reciprocate.  Once they know and trust your work, they will come to you when they need content. Dawn, please stay in touch and let me know how you are progressing.


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Relationship Rats

Relationship Rats come in so many different versions…don’t be fooled by any of them.

Some Rats to watch out for and stay away from are:

The Hottie Charmer

This is a man who can make your heart skip a beat just by looking at him.  His words are tailor made for your ears to hear so you fall quick and hard for him. He knows exactly the words to whisper to get your attention and win your heart.

Hottie doesn’t make a good boyfriend.  He’s all about him. He will tell you he loves you one minute (this is the easiest way to get what he wants) and break your heart the next.

Everyone wants him and he knows it and it doesn’t take much for him to drop you to pursue someone else.  Stay away unless you love being with a man who moves from woman to woman like it’s his job!

The Man Just Out of a Relationship

There’s a good chance he’s dating before his divorce is final. He wants a woman he can lean on to help him forget and heal from his last relationship.  All of us need time to heal from a broken relationship before sticking our toe into the dating pool.

If you love being his shrink, go for it-otherwise stay away from him until his life is in order and he’s divorced.  Separated men have been known to go back to ex wives even when they’ve been in a relationship with someone else.

The Intellectual Man

He’s very left-brain and logical about life.  He doesn’t know how to handle a woman and her emotions and prefers the company of women who think like him.   You’ll do fine with him as long as you don’t need him to be your emotional support system.

If you’re run by your emotions, find someone else.  If you’re turned on by his intelligence and have a support system for everything else-go for it!

The Project Man

This is a man with a lot of troubles that most likely revolve around finances and ex’s.  In their own way, they are the male version of a drama queen.  Having been drained by life, they have very little to put into a relationship.

Their energy should be focused on getting their life together but they are often out there dating hoping someone will help them out and take care of them.  Stay away until his financial and emotional house is in order.  Not worth the effort and will ultimately end up draining you too.

Kick These Rats to the Curb and seek your Forever Love and find Everlasting Peace, Admiration, and Acceptance. 

You might want to consider:

The Nice Man-Average Joe

This man is most likely to make the best boyfriend for you.  He’s the kind of man who can grow on you-appearing quite average one minute and unbelievably handsome in your eyes the next.

He wants to please you and make you happy.  He wants to impress you so first dates can often be about him but its only because he’s really interested in you.

As time goes on, he’d have your back and do anything humanly possible to be there for you.  So worth checking out!

The Man Who Understands Emotions

This is a man who really comprehends a woman’s emotional side.  He’s empathetic, loving and caring and often quite romantic.  Chances are he’s either a lefty or ambidextrous.  This type of men can think and feel at the same time.

How much better can it be to have a man in your life who really understands your mind, body and soul?  If you love romance, go ahead and try him out!

You’ll find much more on Relationship Rats in Secrets of the Marriage Mouse.

This blog is adapted from the wisdom of Lisa Copeland, The Dating Coach who makes dating fun and easier over 50 is the founder of Find A Quality Man LLC.  To get your FREE Report… 5 Secrets to Finding A Quality Man and to receive her blog with tips and advice on finding and meeting your own Quality Man, visit www.findaqualityman.com


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