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Saying thank you is a little tough after the fact

Recently I was given a copy of Nora Ephron’s book, I Feel Bad About My Neck.

It’s a quick read and brought back so many wonderful memories.  I just love when books do that.  Thanks, Nora. 

Having just finished reading this book, I had an inkling in the back of my mind that Nora has passed away. So, I googled her, and I was right. Seeing the confirmation and the details made me sad as I wanted to write Nora and thank her for a fun trip down memory lane.  I often write notes to famous (and yet to be famous) authors telling them my thoughts on their writing.

You’d be surprised the responses I get back (and those I don’t hear from…)  Her book is cute and worth the time to read – especially for women of a certain age. I wanted to write her and thank her for her body of work and how much of it has touched me at different points in my life; but now it’s too late.

Lesson to be learned: live every day to your fullest; always say thank you to those who touch your life; and don’t worry too much about your neck…you’ll be sad once it stops working properly.

Take a moment today and say thank you to those who make a difference for you.  You’ll be glad you did and so will they.  Thank You for taking time to read this and for taking your time to reply.  I value your thoughts and love hearing from you.

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