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What Does Marketing Mean to You?

Yesterday I had the privilege to be the speaker for the Denver Literary Ladies. Such a fantastic group of writers, editors, and researchers. I am always re-invigorated around groups such as this.

One point in my presentation I wanted to share was the meaning of the word marketing. No matter where I speak, I hear groans when I begin to talk about marketing and marketing efforts…until I ask the audience to think of marketing as a different word. Marketing equals S A L E S.

It’s that simple. If your business is not marketing effectively, you will not have increasing sales.

Try it on for size and see the difference marketing makes in your sales.

Off to downtown Westin for another fabulous author event. I am truly blessed.

What has been your single greatest marketing success?  Mine has been the companion workbook I wrote for Secrets of the Marriage Mouse. Giving that workbook away free with purchase has grown my book sales through the roof.

Marcia Reece is the #1 Bestselling author of Secrets of the Marriage Mouse and The Ultimate Online Media Directory. She serves as the founder of Aspen Support Group. Her latest book is available on her website at www.marciareece.com or on Amazon.com.

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Time for Sharing

Yesterday was one of those extraordinary days that don’t happen but once in a while. The drive into the mountains was filled with sunshine and smooth sailing. I met with an exceptionally amazing client and our meeting was more than could have been expected. Thank you. The drive home started out late, so driving through a snow blizzard at Vail Pass to and through the tunnels all the way to Idaho Springs was a bit of a nail biter. Really!! “Snow, you need to be dead to me!”

Today, I’d like to share an email full of great advice I received from my colleague Shel Horowitz.   

Shel says: “Partner with others who already reach your key audience. Make it a real partnership–make friends with them, communicate not just when you want something from them. Be nice all the time: Comment on their newsletters and blogs, send links you think they’ll find interesting, be very friendly when you meet a conference. And also blow them away with how good you are at what you do. Most of my income comes from referrals through other industry professionals, including some of the top names in my field who list me as a resource on their websites.”

–Shel Horowitz, GreenAndProfitable.com/Business-For-a-Better-World.com 

Shel, wise advise and I agree with you 100%.  It’s all about Relationships! And never miss a moment to build or enrich a relationship.  Great words of Wisdom for all the member of TCO as well.

Make this a day you won’t forget for a while.





#1 Bestselling author, Secrets of the Marriage Mouse (Amazon.com)

The Ultimate Online Media Directory (Amazon.com)

TCO: Day 3

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