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Thank you for taking time to reach out!

One of the nicest after effects of writing Secrets of the Marriage Mouse has been to correspond with the readers.  I receive emails and messages to my website often and I cherish each of them.  It is nice to know the message in my book resonates with others and the 4 Proven Steps are helping so many move forward into loving themselves and designing their lives to have a Forever Love.
This week I received an email from a reader asking whether we conducted workshops where the subject matter of the Secrets of the Marriage Mouse – Workbook could be completed.  No such workshop yet exists, however I am in discussion with a company on the East Coast who are interested in putting together just such a workshop…so stay tuned.
The email described a lady who is putting her life back together after a long marriage.  I’m very proud of this lady as she is taking her time and doing the correct work on herself.  She is writing her Wish List and designing her Dream Board.  Without doubt, she will soon have what she is calling into her life!  The Law of Attraction at Work!!
I’m sharing her interesting email here for all of you to enjoy.  I will XXXX out identifying information as I don’t ever want to embarrass anyone.
I ended my 20+ year marriage last year under very difficult circumstances. I found a divorce/rebuilding group that helped me tremendously. I came across an article in the Denver Post about your book and took at least 3 months before I got hold of your book.
What struck me most was that it took you at least 59 dating experiences before you came across the RIGHT ONE. I believe in this.
I know that most of us are married to the wrong people and we stay married until the bubble bursts and we are forced to confront ourselves. Still many people resist this and they rush into the next relationship good, bad or ugly.
I want to focus on meeting the “right person for me”. I see no sense in struggling and all I have is time on my side. I suggested this book to my divorce group friends, but no one has invested in it yet.
I have been reading your book a chapter at a time and agree with a lot of things in it, specially about the future. By working on myself first and foremost can I entertain a happy future with or without a partner. As such, the Wish List and Dream Board are my top two things to work on. I have never done this for my personal life and what you suggest makes a lot of sense to me. I want to work on me and that is my top priority for once.
If you are in xxxxxx, perhaps I can meet you for coffee during the week. Please let me know.
My Best,
A sweet, very meaningful community of people are forming which all want to bring love, peace, contentment, health, and happiness into their lives.  I’m so pleased to be part of this group and so darn proud of the Marriage Mouse and how hard he works to bring Forever Love to those who want it.
And so life goes…on and on

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