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Keep Your Best Ideas Under Wraps Until Launch Day

Just read such a brilliant post written by Robert Herjavec covering the evolution of online security during the last 30 years. How brilliant for him to build a company selling peace of mind! However, also what an ongoing challenge to keep security safe.

Having been a toy manufacturer for many years, we manufactured a Happy Meal toy for McDonalds. #MyIndustry required that we have a closed manufacturing facility during production to keep “industry spies” from learning what we were making for the Golden Arches. Now, while that was a quite some time ago, industry to industry espionage is still a big concern where first to market is still the most desired position.

While doing design work at another consumer product company, the CEO required all trash to be shredded and the windows in the design department (where all brain power existed!!) had to be blackened so competition would not know what was coming next.

Who could have known the toy industry could be just as cutthroat as high tech?

Wonder what the security was like around Dancing with the Stars?

Have a grand and very safe day,

It’s All About Relationships

– and knowing how to market your relationship!

Marcia Reece, the marketing genius of Sidewalk Chalk, is the #1 Bestselling author of Secrets of the Marriage Mouse and The Ultimate Online Media Directory also was the inventor of Gel-eez, the very first gel-filled wrist rest for keyboard and mouse users. She serves as the founder of Aspen Support Group. Her books are available on her website at www.marciareece.com or on Amazon.com

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