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I’m touched, inspired, and moved.

My colleague, Debra Jason, just posted this on Facebook. I’m so touched by her thoughtfulness. This is a perfect example of building a relationship that will carry her far. She reached right into my heart and made a friend for life.  Debra picked one sentence from our phone conversation yesterday, turned it into a quote, and gave me an incredible gift.

Whose life can you impact in this manner today?

Thank you, Debra, for paying it forward.


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Ah shucks…it wasn’t nothin’

Ever wonder why it is so hard for us to accept thanks and praise gracefully? Me, too. It’s hard to accept a simple thanks for a favorable word or kind deed. We feel the need to explain why thanks are not really due. Usually our stammering could simply be converted to a simple “Thanks for noticing”. Let’s all practice learning to acknowledge our appreciation for kind remarks. And while we are learning to accept praise, let’s also practice offering sincere thanks and heartfelt praises for those who earn them.

Anyone have any great “accepting thanks” one-liners that work? Please share them.

If we fail to accept thanks when given, we are giving the impression to the person giving the praise and to those listening that we are undeserving of it. No need to inadvertently raise questions about your ability if you feel you are unworthy. If you aren’t grateful for the praise, those giving will be less inclined to do so again. None of us want those kind enough to say nice words to feel unappreciated.

How about  “Thank you for your kind words” with a sincere smile and watch some magic happen. Your smile will spread right back to those listening.

In our world today, a smile, praise, gratitude, sharing, and thanks are always welcome.

Please share the last time you received some unexpected praise. I know it made your day a little happier; it sure does mine.

Thank YOU for following and for commenting. I sincerely appreciate your time and thoughts.



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