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Secrets of the Marriage Mouse meets Wabi Sabi Love

In 1998 I became single after being married for 24 years.  To say my life took a serious U-turn would be an understatement.  At first, I told all my girlfriends I would never date again.  That phase lasted about 6 months. 
I spent the next 12 years doing research into the entire dating process for “women of a certain age”.  I learned so much, enjoyed my research, and my new foray into dating.  However, I went home alone each night and knew that my heart yearned to share my life, my home, and my love with a Forever Love. 
I went happily about my life.  I had started a toy manufacturing company in the early 1980’s and my work was extremely satisfying and kept me busy. I traveled extensively for both work and for pleasure.  I had great friends all over the world.  I was very involved in my two grown children’s lives. 
I also found that the longer I was single, the more “single” I became mentally.  I became very used to having my life “my way”.  Many women I talk to also experience this very self reliant confidence.  Sharing our lives, our homes, our friends and families with a new man becomes more and more challenging.  We seem to be less and less willing to compromise.
However, deep down under all the success-driven confidence, I knew I still wanted to have a strong, trustworthy, loving, generous, thoughtful man in my life.  I did know, without question, that I was not willing to settle for less than all I had written on my Wish List in calling my Forever Love into my life.
On September 6, 2007, in the most unusual place, in the most unexpected way I met the man who was to become my Forever Love and my husband.  I have written a book, Secrets of the Marriage Mouse, which details our wonderful meeting as well as the results of my in-depth relationship research and the proven and money-back guaranteed method each of you can use to also find your Forever Love. 
During and since the writing of Secrets of the Marriage Mouse, I continue to study relationships and read everything I can get my hands on so I can offer my readers the best and newest thought on the never-ending quest for Finding Forever Love.
My search for the latest and greatest led me to Wabi Sabi Love, written by Arielle Ford.  This sweet little book had been patiently waiting on the upper corner of my desk for me to find the time to read it. 
Well, that time came about 3 weeks ago.  I took this book with me to Pura Vida, my health club, and started to read it on the treadmill every day.  I had a pencil tucked behind my ear so I could mark sections that were particularly resonating with me.  Can you even imagine the visual…this driven lady on a treadmill with her pencil at the ready and a book in front of her as she is walking/jogging through her exercise routine?? I received more than a few unusual glances and winks.
And did I ever find a book full of treasures!!  I truly did love Arielle’s writing.  As I read this book, I knew it was a perfect follow up to my book.  My book helps “women of a certain” age find their Forever Love, and Wabi Sabi Love will help those women maintain, grow, deepen, and truly melt into a love to last a life time.  
I had my first Wabi Sabi love experience with Ted last night as we were relaxing and watching some TV.  He was switching between two channels – not too fast – but just when the mood struck him.  There was a segment I was interested in and just as it was getting good…yep…he flipped the channel to something else.  For a moment, I was going to say something and then Arielle’s writing came into my head and my heart.

In that instant, I was grateful to have Ted in my life, sitting beside me, cuddling up, being together.  In that moment, it no longer mattered what was on TV.  For 15 years I watched TV by myself and always wanted a Forever Love by my side.  And now he is here with me each and every day. 

Suddenly, I didn’t care what was on television.  I was lost in my thoughts of how precious, loving, thoughtful, trustworthy, generous, funny, sexy, Ted is.  Wabi Sabi Love…right here in my own life…Wabi Sabi Love!!   

Thank you for such a generous book, Arielle.  I can’t recommend it highly enough. 
Today and every day, I’m grateful for so much – it can’t be contained.  Each and every night when we go to bed, Ted and I tell each other several things for which we are grateful.  It’s always fun to hear what the other will say and this little ritual keeps us up-to-day with what our partner is experiencing in their lives. 
I’m so grateful for the new friends my book launch has brought into my life; friends like Arielle Ford.  Each one of you, in your own special way, open my eyes, my mind, and my heart to new possibilities.  Life is such a wonderful revolving door.  I’m glad I’m on the ride with you.
I’d love to hear back from any of you after you read Secrets of the Marriage Mouse and Wabi Sabi Love.  They are powerful books and they can make a difference in your lives…the difference you seek.

Arielle, your writing switched my thinking in an instant today and isn’t that what we hope our books accomplish?

Secrets of the Marriage Mouse ~ 
Find Your Forever Love in 4 Proven Steps
#1 Best Seller ~ Marriage
#1 Best Seller ~ Personal Relationships
#1 Best Seller ~ Health

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5 Secret Questions hold the key to life

Often times I’m asked how it is so easy and seemingly effortless for me to meet strangers and soon have them turned into friends.

It begins with my genuine interest in people. It has always been my belief that I can enjoy anyone for at least 20 minutes. Sometimes 20 minutes is enough; often times a lifetime is not nearly enough. People genuinely interest me. They all have stories and I love to pull those stories out.  You see, I have discovered to make others feel important, show a genuine interest in them. Once they feel valued (important) they will open up and shortly thereafter a relationship is born.

To be successful, be genuinely interested in other people. I always learn so much from other people. It’s so easy to be interested, so why not be interested

To make others feel at ease with me, I’ve honed a specific set of easy-to-answer questions. Soon you will learn these questions. Commit them to memory (write them down until you have them memorized) and soon you can make everyone you meet comfortable with you.

When we build bridges with people we are more likely to create great relationships, to get cooperation and to conduct business. Talking with other people becomes easier when you realize that everybody’s got a story. And those stories, in most cases, are very interesting. These stories are so fascinating to me and it’s amazing how much I learn in about five minutes. We can all learn so much from the challenges, successes and adventures of others. When you meet someone new and find a way to allow them to talk, they will quickly hold you in high esteem. They will feel comfortable with you within minutes and they will often want to talk with you further. So, how do I get so many people to talk with me so easily? Getting people to talk with you becomes simple when you have specific, easy-to-answer questions that you can use every time. These questions will make you feel confident and make the person you are meeting feel important. Anyone will find these questions easy to answer. Make sure your tone is inquisitive and calm when asking these questions. No inquisition here.

Question 1:

I’m just curious, where are you from originally?

Starting this question with “I’m just curious”, relaxes the person you are asking. They are disarmed and comfortable right away. This question always leads to the beginning of a person’s story.

Now Question 2 can go two directions.   If the person you asked are from a place different from where they are now, ask:

What brought you here?

If they are from the same place where you are asking the question, ask:

Have you lived here all your life?

Question 3 is:

Do you have a family?

This questions immediately creates great relationships. People love talking about their family.

Question 4 is:

What do you do? 

Question 5 is:

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Because I owned a toy manufacturing company, I often also ask

What was your favorite toy when you were growing up?

Every person on the planet played with something when they were kids and this question is a wonderful ice breaker.

Everyone likes talking about their roots and about their families. Once you get someone started with easy questions, they’ll usually find it easy to keep talking. If the person you’re talking to is someone you’d like to speak with again, or do business with in the future, make note of the answers to these questions as soon as you have a moment. When you speak in the future, you can refer to some of their answers. This wins massive brownie points and showed you truly cared enough to remember. People are honored when we let them talk and even more so when we refer to something they told us in the past. That shows that you were genuinely interested and took the time to remember.

Many people have related to me that they were amazed with how much they learned about other people when they started using these questions. These questions will give you an easy and non-threatening way to start conversations and to make people feel important. You will see the magic this process creates in your ability to talk with others.

If you found this post useful, please forward to 5 people you know would like these questions. Please suggest they go to my website to learn more about me ~ www.marciareece.com


It’s All About Relationships

– truly everything is!

Now practice your questions and let me know the results you achieve. Have fun and get to know some incredible new people with these fail-proof questions.

Marcia Reece, the inventor of Sidewalk Chalk, is the #1 Bestselling author of Secrets of the Marriage Mouse and The Ultimate Online Media Directory. She serves as the founder of Aspen Support Group. Her latest book is available on her website at www.marciareece.com or on Amazon.com

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Would You? Could You?? Should You???

Last week at the Executive Roundtable one of the authors there admitted to “reverse shoplifting” and actually putting their book on the shelves of a store where they wanted it to sell…and it did sell!!  I’ve thought about doing this and never have.

Many years ago when I was in the toy industry, the company with whom I was working was launching a new Piggy Belly toy. It was debuting at Target. Over our lunch hour, we all went into the area Targets and each bought two Piggy Belly toys. Not quite the same as reverse shoplifting, but the principle is nearly the same.

Just for the heck of it, next week I’m taking my books into 3 retailers and leaving them on the shelves…as a gift from me. Does it sound as bad if it’s referred to as a “gift” instead of “reverse shoplifting”?

Chime in and let’s be honest here…how many of you have ever rigged your sales by forced purchasing or reverse shoplifted? Just suggesting we aren’t getting any younger and what the heck…it might be fun.

Let me know if this marketing strategy pays off for you. Listening to George Clooney and Jimmy Kimmel talk about pranks they play must have brought this out in me.  Who knows? I’m usually way to squeaky clean, straight laced.

P.S.:  Maybe we should take it a step further and leave stacks of bookmarks in the washrooms of the stores where you leave your books or other strategic places?  What says You??

Marcia Reece, the inventor of Sidewalk Chalk, is the #1 Bestselling author of Secrets of the Marriage Mouse and The Ultimate Online Media Directory. She serves as the founder of Aspen Support Group. Her latest book is available on her website at www.marciareece.com or on Amazon.com


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46 mornings in a row precisely at 9:00 a.m.

The value of being determined and consistent became Very Real to me many years ago when I was trying to get Wal-Mart (when they had only 66 stores) to buy my product.  I called my buyer every morning, precisely at 9:00 a.m.  I did not call at 8:57 a.m. and I did not call at 9:02 a.m.  I called for 46 mornings in a row precisely at 9:00 a.m.  On the 46th morning, my buyer’s assistant told me my buyer would see me at 11:00 a.m. that day!!  Well, the rest is history and the consistency of that phone call started a chain of events that changed my life and grew my company to 70% worldwide market share … far beyond my wildest dreams.   

This lesson came back to me on Friday while lunching with a group of colleagues. One in the group said he had called a potential client 3 times and he stopped after the third call assuming she didn’t want to do business with him.  I told him my Wal-Mart story hoping it would inspire him to continue his chase.

I do believe today we need to find unique and clever ways to reach those we want to do business with. Maybe 46 consecutive calls won’t work today as well as it did back in the 1980’s.

So many emails…Too many voice mails…Snail mail; what’s that?? 

What about reaching those folks by giving them something that will help with their work load. Send them information they can use with no expectation of getting anything in return – except you implant the thought in their minds that you are someone who is generous, knowledgeable, and helpful. Quietly kill them with kindness and they will take your call and be more receptive to your needs. 

Please share what tips you have that helps you reach hard-to-reach contacts. I know there will be some interesting techniques from which we all can benefit.

I look forward to hearing from you.

My best to you,



#1 Best Selling Author

Secrets of the Marriage Mouse

The Ultimate Online Media Directory


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Can you create business value with social media?

Everything you do online not only leaves a footprint but it’s also your 24/7 resume. If the footprint you’re leaving looks unprofessional and half-finished, it might not bode well for your online reputation and sales. Here are some quick tips on how to look good online:

 Social Networks: it’s not about quantity but quality. There are numerous social networking sites, be on as many as you can keep current.  Get off the ones you don’t actively participate in and stay “social” with by making at least weekly solid contributions.  

Sign up for Google alerts: who’s saying what about you? If you don’t know you should. This is (usually) a good thing. You want to know where reviews appear so you can a) link to them and b) thank the person who reviewed you or mentioned you on their blog or web site. 

Get a blog: in order to get on blogs, you must have a blog but it’s more than just having one, it’s about keeping it updated. 
Participate: In order to reap the benefits of the online world you must participate. This goes back to the social networking site and your blog.

  • Participate
  • Communicate
  • Listen.

Three online rules that will never steer you wrong.
Don’t get greedy: lead with the benefits, not the dollar signs. What I mean by this is that if you’re going online to make a quick buck, get out. You might make a few dollars but success will be short lived.

Network: it goes without saying that networking (especially online) is important.

  • Network
  • Lend a helping hand
  • Show people how you can help them

 Web site: don’t just get one, get a good one. You’d never think to show up for a car race with a scooter. Don’t even try to go online with anything less than a professional web site. While I know it’s tempting to do it yourself, most folks always end up regretting it. “My web site is fine.” They’ll say till you ask them how well it’s selling for them. If the answer is: “it’s not” then you need a new site. Show up online with a site that reflects your expertise, creativity, and message. This is one race you can’t afford to lose.

You will know your online presence is strong when a growing number of people have an interest in your topic or genre keep finding you in the places where they spend time online.  

Having a web presence means your articles, posts, and comments appear on prominent sites  catering to your subject matter. It means your name keeps popping up on active discussion forums related to your topic. 
Best of all, you know your presence is growing and having your desired impact when your email newsletter is forwarded to your following’s friends. 

Thank you to everyone who forwards these posts on to your friends. Hearing from you helps me know which marketing direction is most helpful to you.  I value your involvement, your input, and your community. Much appreciated.

Marcia Reece is the #1 Bestselling author of Secrets of the Marriage Mouse and The Ultimate Online Media Directory. She serves as the founder of Aspen Support Group. Her latest book is available on her website at www.marciareece.com or on Amazon.com.

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Just Ask and your wish shall be granted

As many of you read last week, I was smacked up aside the virtual head when I made a social media mistake. Since that time, my focus is on learning how to engage in social media correctly.

One of my peeps asked me how long I had been using social media. I told her just a little over two years. I first put up a website and blog while I was writing my first book. I had been on FB and LI but not in a serious manner for a bit longer.  She laughed and told me not to be so hard on myself. She started her site and social media reach in 2001…14 years ago!!  No wonder I feel so stressed out that I am so far behind the curve.

Another of my peeps is hosting a 10 Deadly Sins webinar on May 8. I signed up!!!  I know I will learn how to correct a few more of my errors there.

Just this morning, I was IM’ing another peep. I had a long-time friend whose emails were suddenly ending up in my spam. I IM’d him and he told me there is a “Not Spam” button which should put her back in my correct email. Well, guess what?  He was right. I checked the box by her email in my spam folder, and presto!!  Her emails are now being correctly sent to my inbox.

This helpful peep also gave me a very brief one liner which is helping me learn how to use hashtags.

BOTTOM LINE:  The most amazing things about social media are:

  1. No one is too old to learn
  2. Someone knows the answer – it’s up to us to ask the questions
  3. Except for the jerk last week, most folks are very willing to overlook the mistakes newbies make
  4. It works.  It really truly does work. Social media opens a whole new world to those who want to learn the correct ways to engage it.

I’ve made so many mistakes learning, but I certainly want to thank Carol Naff, Aaron Stephens, Harmony Thiessen, Debra Jason, and Kelly Mirabella and so many, many others who have helped me (kicking and screaming) come into the virtual world.

TCO: Day 4

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Time for Sharing

Yesterday was one of those extraordinary days that don’t happen but once in a while. The drive into the mountains was filled with sunshine and smooth sailing. I met with an exceptionally amazing client and our meeting was more than could have been expected. Thank you. The drive home started out late, so driving through a snow blizzard at Vail Pass to and through the tunnels all the way to Idaho Springs was a bit of a nail biter. Really!! “Snow, you need to be dead to me!”

Today, I’d like to share an email full of great advice I received from my colleague Shel Horowitz.   

Shel says: “Partner with others who already reach your key audience. Make it a real partnership–make friends with them, communicate not just when you want something from them. Be nice all the time: Comment on their newsletters and blogs, send links you think they’ll find interesting, be very friendly when you meet a conference. And also blow them away with how good you are at what you do. Most of my income comes from referrals through other industry professionals, including some of the top names in my field who list me as a resource on their websites.”

–Shel Horowitz, GreenAndProfitable.com/Business-For-a-Better-World.com 

Shel, wise advise and I agree with you 100%.  It’s all about Relationships! And never miss a moment to build or enrich a relationship.  Great words of Wisdom for all the member of TCO as well.

Make this a day you won’t forget for a while.





#1 Bestselling author, Secrets of the Marriage Mouse (Amazon.com)

The Ultimate Online Media Directory (Amazon.com)

TCO: Day 3

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