Secrets of the Marriage Mouse meets Wabi Sabi Love

In 1998 I became single after being married for 24 years.  To say my life took a serious U-turn would be an understatement.  At first, I told all my girlfriends I would never date again.  That phase lasted about 6 months. 
I spent the next 12 years doing research into the entire dating process for “women of a certain age”.  I learned so much, enjoyed my research, and my new foray into dating.  However, I went home alone each night and knew that my heart yearned to share my life, my home, and my love with a Forever Love. 
I went happily about my life.  I had started a toy manufacturing company in the early 1980’s and my work was extremely satisfying and kept me busy. I traveled extensively for both work and for pleasure.  I had great friends all over the world.  I was very involved in my two grown children’s lives. 
I also found that the longer I was single, the more “single” I became mentally.  I became very used to having my life “my way”.  Many women I talk to also experience this very self reliant confidence.  Sharing our lives, our homes, our friends and families with a new man becomes more and more challenging.  We seem to be less and less willing to compromise.
However, deep down under all the success-driven confidence, I knew I still wanted to have a strong, trustworthy, loving, generous, thoughtful man in my life.  I did know, without question, that I was not willing to settle for less than all I had written on my Wish List in calling my Forever Love into my life.
On September 6, 2007, in the most unusual place, in the most unexpected way I met the man who was to become my Forever Love and my husband.  I have written a book, Secrets of the Marriage Mouse, which details our wonderful meeting as well as the results of my in-depth relationship research and the proven and money-back guaranteed method each of you can use to also find your Forever Love. 
During and since the writing of Secrets of the Marriage Mouse, I continue to study relationships and read everything I can get my hands on so I can offer my readers the best and newest thought on the never-ending quest for Finding Forever Love.
My search for the latest and greatest led me to Wabi Sabi Love, written by Arielle Ford.  This sweet little book had been patiently waiting on the upper corner of my desk for me to find the time to read it. 
Well, that time came about 3 weeks ago.  I took this book with me to Pura Vida, my health club, and started to read it on the treadmill every day.  I had a pencil tucked behind my ear so I could mark sections that were particularly resonating with me.  Can you even imagine the visual…this driven lady on a treadmill with her pencil at the ready and a book in front of her as she is walking/jogging through her exercise routine?? I received more than a few unusual glances and winks.
And did I ever find a book full of treasures!!  I truly did love Arielle’s writing.  As I read this book, I knew it was a perfect follow up to my book.  My book helps “women of a certain” age find their Forever Love, and Wabi Sabi Love will help those women maintain, grow, deepen, and truly melt into a love to last a life time.  
I had my first Wabi Sabi love experience with Ted last night as we were relaxing and watching some TV.  He was switching between two channels – not too fast – but just when the mood struck him.  There was a segment I was interested in and just as it was getting good…yep…he flipped the channel to something else.  For a moment, I was going to say something and then Arielle’s writing came into my head and my heart.

In that instant, I was grateful to have Ted in my life, sitting beside me, cuddling up, being together.  In that moment, it no longer mattered what was on TV.  For 15 years I watched TV by myself and always wanted a Forever Love by my side.  And now he is here with me each and every day. 

Suddenly, I didn’t care what was on television.  I was lost in my thoughts of how precious, loving, thoughtful, trustworthy, generous, funny, sexy, Ted is.  Wabi Sabi Love…right here in my own life…Wabi Sabi Love!!   

Thank you for such a generous book, Arielle.  I can’t recommend it highly enough. 
Today and every day, I’m grateful for so much – it can’t be contained.  Each and every night when we go to bed, Ted and I tell each other several things for which we are grateful.  It’s always fun to hear what the other will say and this little ritual keeps us up-to-day with what our partner is experiencing in their lives. 
I’m so grateful for the new friends my book launch has brought into my life; friends like Arielle Ford.  Each one of you, in your own special way, open my eyes, my mind, and my heart to new possibilities.  Life is such a wonderful revolving door.  I’m glad I’m on the ride with you.
I’d love to hear back from any of you after you read Secrets of the Marriage Mouse and Wabi Sabi Love.  They are powerful books and they can make a difference in your lives…the difference you seek.

Arielle, your writing switched my thinking in an instant today and isn’t that what we hope our books accomplish?

Secrets of the Marriage Mouse ~ 
Find Your Forever Love in 4 Proven Steps
#1 Best Seller ~ Marriage
#1 Best Seller ~ Personal Relationships
#1 Best Seller ~ Health

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