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A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple

As some of you know, I was berated pretty badly after I made a social media faux paux a few days ago. I have become determined to learn how to use social media correctly and also to learn the intricacies of social media etiquette.

Yesterday…it happened again!  I made another social media mistake. HOWEVER, instead of being drug through the coals and made to feel very badly, Debra Jason took her time to write me an email and kindly and with caring explain to me the better way to do what I was trying to do.  What a difference a simple act of caring made.

Debra, thank you for taking your time to help me learn. I’ve been on social media for about 2 years and am beginning to understand the power of the platforms but also the rules within which it’s best to play.

I will be paying your kindness forward today and will think of you as I do so. What a difference the two differing approaches has made.

Many years ago I was humbled to have Sam Walton (yes, THAT Sam Walton) teach me how to work with distribution centers and all the in’s and out’s. I was a farm girl who had never been in that kind of an environment and his kindness in helping me learn what he knew made a lifelong impact on me and helped to cement my belief to pay it forward.

In contrast to the social media man who berated me when he had an opportunity to help me learn and correct my mistake with kindness and a pay it forward attitude.

Life is full of these moments. It’s all how we choose to handle the moment. Lift someone up and take the chance to teach a lesson, or kick them because they made a mistake and miss that chance to be a lifelong inspiration in their lives.

How will you choose?  Sam Walton and I became lifelong friends and I miss him. The social media man unfriended me and missed out on my generosity in spreading the news about his work.

PS: I have just finished reading Debra’s new book, Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget ( It’s full of her wonderful wisdom and helpful tips, tricks, and techniques. I’ve reviewed it on Amazon and believe you will also enjoy it.


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I’m touched, inspired, and moved.

My colleague, Debra Jason, just posted this on Facebook. I’m so touched by her thoughtfulness. This is a perfect example of building a relationship that will carry her far. She reached right into my heart and made a friend for life.  Debra picked one sentence from our phone conversation yesterday, turned it into a quote, and gave me an incredible gift.

Whose life can you impact in this manner today?

Thank you, Debra, for paying it forward.


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Ah shucks…it wasn’t nothin’

Ever wonder why it is so hard for us to accept thanks and praise gracefully? Me, too. It’s hard to accept a simple thanks for a favorable word or kind deed. We feel the need to explain why thanks are not really due. Usually our stammering could simply be converted to a simple “Thanks for noticing”. Let’s all practice learning to acknowledge our appreciation for kind remarks. And while we are learning to accept praise, let’s also practice offering sincere thanks and heartfelt praises for those who earn them.

Anyone have any great “accepting thanks” one-liners that work? Please share them.

If we fail to accept thanks when given, we are giving the impression to the person giving the praise and to those listening that we are undeserving of it. No need to inadvertently raise questions about your ability if you feel you are unworthy. If you aren’t grateful for the praise, those giving will be less inclined to do so again. None of us want those kind enough to say nice words to feel unappreciated.

How about  “Thank you for your kind words” with a sincere smile and watch some magic happen. Your smile will spread right back to those listening.

In our world today, a smile, praise, gratitude, sharing, and thanks are always welcome.

Please share the last time you received some unexpected praise. I know it made your day a little happier; it sure does mine.

Thank YOU for following and for commenting. I sincerely appreciate your time and thoughts.


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What is TOO Much and what is NOT Enough?

I’d like to invite your comments as to what is too much and what is not enough when you send someone a thank you gift for a business referral.

Recently I referred a client to a PR agency and was happily shocked to receive a $250 gift card to a 5 star restaurant mailed with a hand-written thank you note. Now is that TOO Much?  It sure made a lasting  impression on me.

What’s the right amount?  A $10 Starbuck card..bluh…seems so common place to me. A restaurant gift card?  If so, how much? Other ideas??

I often send $30 deluxe car wash gift cards and believe they are appreciated but am not sure. Is that too “manly” of a gift? Everyone drives a car and they always seem to need washing and detailing; but maybe it’s not personal enough. I’ve sent custom designed personalized postage stamps. Another item everyone uses and needs.

As you can begin to realize I’m presenting many, many questions. Please respond as to what you feel is appropriate, what’s not, what’s too ordinary, and what really hits the mark and makes the perfect lasting impression. Isn’t that what we are all striving for?

Yesterday I wrote about making the perfect first impression, but making a perfect and long-lasting impression with thank yous is my question and I’d like you to chime in and help me find some smart, clever, appreciated, used and useful solutions.

Can’t wait to hear…


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First Impressions are just a beginning

Never does it fail to amaze me how companies make first impressions. It matters not whether it’s in person, on the business phone, or on social media; first impressions still count. I called a company today and had to ask three times to find out if I had reached the company I was calling. Crazy!

Don’t let anyone answer your phone or post to your social media who isn’t trained and committed to being the best.

We are all human and we all make typing mistakes and hit the enter key before catching them. However, take a moment to double check and try to catch the obvious mistakes. Your readers will and it does reflect on you. When answering the phone, be sure to answer by at least the third ring and be clear and easy to understand.

Answer with a smile on your face and it will be heard through the phone and it will also be heard when you enter something on social media. Yes. It’s true. A smile radiates through your words – both spoken and typed.

Be patient with your replies. Remember folks are reaching out to you because you’re the pro. Be patient and complete when answering questions, your attitude is showing.

When leaving your phone number, P A U S E between the area code, the prefix, and the number. When I leave my number, I say, “303 (take a breath) 506 (take a breath) 7123”. And then I repeat it, again, with the pauses. I have people thank me for making it easy to write down my number.

Nothing makes me steam much more than a phone number that comes across so fast you can’t catch any of it. Makes me just not want to even call them back.

These simple ideas will help you make the best first impression – and they still really do count. Plus, now you have my phone number, so take a moment, dial it up and say hello. I’d love to chat with you.

Make it a great day.

The Ultimate Online Media Directory (

PS: I also take time to let any author I’m reading know if I find a typo in their books. I appreciate the same from my readers. I write a very kind email and hope the extra effort is appreciated.


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Painters are leaving today

What a good feeling today to have the painters finally completing a small remodel project. As always, the project took much more time, money, and expertise than originally bid. But the end result is exactly what we wanted and looks great.

There are some biz lessons for all of us in even this small remodeling project. We had several companies bid the project. Many came to look at the project, promised us a bid in the next day or two and never reconnected with us. Why waste their time or ours?  (Lesson: Follow through and you have a great chance to get the job. So many don’t these days.)

The company we hired have followed through on each occasion and we appreciate that. They have showed up on time. They clean up after themselves – every time. Their work is more than we expected. Will they get referrals and recommendations from us?  You bet!  (Lesson: Deliver what you have promised and your clients won’t even mind if the job costs a little more than they expected.)

They are even smart enough to position one of their painters as a designer so they can justify some additional fees. They have built features and benefits into their work and so should all of us. These features and benefits allow for extra charges that we don’t mind paying. (Lesson: Upsell is easy when clients are pleased.)

Their work allows us to view this expense as in investment and that’s a great way to position your work with your clients as well.

So if any of you are wanting a truly receptive, responsive, and results driven remodel/painting company, give me a shout out and I’ll confidently share ours with you.

Also must report the wood ducks are getting more friendly with every feeding. While they are still wild, they recognize the sound of the cracked corn container when I feed them.  Mother Nature is a beautiful way to start and end every day.


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Who Knows, Likes, and Trusts You?

How many times have you heard that we give business to those we know, like, and trust? We all know that’s true, but we still keep banging at the doors to get more business. Maybe it’s time to consider a new softer approach.

Business is usually given to people whom one has met professionally or to those with whom we already have at least a beginning relationship. I’d like to suggest you spend some time building that relationship. Invite your “prospect” to be the subject to an interview. During this time, you can learn lots which you can then convert into stepping stones of a deeper relationship. Convert your interview into an article you are writing. Publish to your blog, submit to your local media, or to a trade publication.

Make sure you send a thank you to your interviewee and make sure he or she receives several copies of your finished work.

It’s smart business to build the reach of your prospects while building your business.  Try it ~ this approach works time and time again. Make today a red-letter day for someone you want to do business with and invite them for an interview.

Marcia Reece

The Ultimate Online Media Directory (

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