Just Ask and your wish shall be granted

As many of you read last week, I was smacked up aside the virtual head when I made a social media mistake. Since that time, my focus is on learning how to engage in social media correctly.

One of my peeps asked me how long I had been using social media. I told her just a little over two years. I first put up a website and blog while I was writing my first book. I had been on FB and LI but not in a serious manner for a bit longer.  She laughed and told me not to be so hard on myself. She started her site and social media reach in 2001…14 years ago!!  No wonder I feel so stressed out that I am so far behind the curve.

Another of my peeps is hosting a 10 Deadly Sins webinar on May 8. I signed up!!!  I know I will learn how to correct a few more of my errors there.

Just this morning, I was IM’ing another peep. I had a long-time friend whose emails were suddenly ending up in my spam. I IM’d him and he told me there is a “Not Spam” button which should put her back in my correct email. Well, guess what?  He was right. I checked the box by her email in my spam folder, and presto!!  Her emails are now being correctly sent to my inbox.

This helpful peep also gave me a very brief one liner which is helping me learn how to use hashtags.

BOTTOM LINE:  The most amazing things about social media are:

  1. No one is too old to learn
  2. Someone knows the answer – it’s up to us to ask the questions
  3. Except for the jerk last week, most folks are very willing to overlook the mistakes newbies make
  4. It works.  It really truly does work. Social media opens a whole new world to those who want to learn the correct ways to engage it.

I’ve made so many mistakes learning, but I certainly want to thank Carol Naff, Aaron Stephens, Harmony Thiessen, Debra Jason, and Kelly Mirabella and so many, many others who have helped me (kicking and screaming) come into the virtual world.

TCO: Day 4

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2 responses to “Just Ask and your wish shall be granted

  1. Interesting observations, Marcia, and you are welcome for thanking #CarolNaff. I truly enjoy helping people bring their profiles to a more professional status. It helps you be recognized as the expert in your field. Is this one way you can use hashtags?

  2. Carol, thanks for following and commenting. You are such an inspiring and knowledgeable part of this community. You have much to offer. We all start somewhere! As long as you stay open and keep asking you’ll definitely have great folks like Carol to step in and guide.

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