Springtime in the Rockies

There are few more beautiful places on earth than the Rocky Mountains. Spring time has arrived and we are enjoyed unseasonably warm weather. We have become completely enamored with a pair of mating mallard ducks. They are enjoying our koi pond – where we are proud to report all 100+ koi survived the winter. The mallards have just last weekend been joined by a pair of mating wood ducks. I have no idea when we might expect little ducklings but we are SOOO excited.  Finding corn to feed the ducks in the middle of a city of 3 million people was a little challenging, but we succeeded. If it has fur or feathers, we delight in feeding our little creatures.

Additionally and even more surprising is I found a morel mushroom among our rock garden!!  Wish there were dozens more so we could make a feast of them. So that’s the report on nature in the Denver Tech Center.

On to Marketing…my other passion. Reach out to the media. Their credibility naturally extends to you, your business, and your products.

Here are on some fascinating details which will help you succeed in getting your media releases picked up in media:

1.  Subject Lines/Headlines that are 60-100 characters in length have the best “Open” rate.

Going over or above that character count and your open rate declines.

2.  16-18 words in the subject line have the best “open” rate. Keep the words short and simple.  Remember Americans read at a 6th grade level so make sure what you write does not go past that reading skill level.

3.  Numbers in a subject line are powerful, but make sure it is an ODD number.  Why odd numbers?  Researchers have proven odd numbers are more believable.  Look at best selling book titles and you will see this proven out ~ 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a good example.  Don’t you wish I knew about this statistic when I wrote Secrets of the Marriage Mouse ~ Find Your Forever Love in 4 Proven Steps.  Oh, well, I live to learn! I hope you do too.

4.  DO NOT use the word “Must” or “Need” anywhere in your writing; not the subject line and not in the text.  Headlines with the word “must” or “need” generate a 20% lower click through rate. These words make the reader resistent to your message.  These words make you come across as pushy.

5.  Photos get articles published at a MUCH higher rate.  Make sure you own the rights to the photo if you are using stock photography.  Or use a photo of your own.  Should your article go viral or out on a wire, you don’t want the headache of having the owner of the photo surprise you with a bill for royalties.

6.  Maximize your “About the Author” signature in everything you write.  Make the About the Author 2-3 powerful sentences directly related to your target market.  Put a link to your website.

7.  ALWAYS offer something free.  Get my free e-book is good.  Who can come up with something even more enticing?

  • What…you don’t have a free ebook to give away.  Spend an evening or two (or three) and create one this week.  You can repurpose some work you have already written.  I met a great author this weekend who has a 35 page e-book and I can’t wait to read it.  Your ebook does not need to be 300 pages.

Find something you can offer your peeps for free; it greatly increases your sell through.  I always give my Marriage Mouse Workbook away for free when anyone buys Secrets of the Marriage Mouse at any of my live events.  My close rate averages at around 82%.  People like getting a deal. Great marketing sets you apart.

None of it is hard ~ it just takes consistency.  Remember to do 3 Marketing Activities Every Day and you will see a great increase in your business.

Have a wonderful Thursday and enjoy Springtime wherever you are.

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