Interesting question from a follower. Hope my answer helps you, too

Marcia, I don’t know of anyone who has so successfully marketed a book even close to what you do with your books. What’s the best way to market a book I’ve already written and which is now on Amazon? Thanks for taking time to work with me.  Dawn Brenner

Hi Dawn:  As you know, as in almost everything, It’s All About Relationships.  Create relationships with top websites devoted to your topic. Locate the top 10-12 high-traffic and targeted websites that fit your topic. Make sure to also include websites and blogs of media you want to cover your work. Take time to read and research all you can learn on the websites. Make notes and start thinking of the best ways to build a strong relationship. Here’s a good list of action items to begin building the relationships:

1) submit a pertinent excerpt from your book that ties into their website, blog, or editorial content

2) comment and contribute to their blog as often as you can – always using your customized signature, book title, and website

3) write an engaging (even a little outrageous) press release and send to the media outlets that serve the geographical area you are wanting to engage. Make sure your release will truly stand out from the stacks of others they receive. Do not mail your release in an ordinary envelope – I made mine look like the envelope a party invitation would come in. The envelope has gotten a very high open rate which has led to lots of media exposure.  Submit a new release with a different subject matter every other month.

4) submit a contest and make sure your books are given away as prizes

5) reach out to the media and find ways to make your book a story they just have to cover 

6) make sure your electronic signature includes the title of your book and your website so it is discreetly in their view

Forget about bookstore signings unless you are really willing to make them an all out marketing event. You have to really stand out and be willing to talk with everyone and be willing to accept a lot of “no’s” at those bookstores. You can make much better use of your marketing time.

Dawn, make sure you build relationships with those you want to promote your work. Send theme-related small gifts to the editors and media you want to impress. They love little surprises.  Not bribes, just thoughtful reminders of you and your book. I had postage stamps made from the cover art of my book and I sent ten stamps to each of my lists and they loved them. Be regular and send to your list at least quarterly.

These are only a few ideas, but these are good action items to start you on your way. The writers of these websites/blogs have to come up with volumes of content, so help them with their writing and they will reciprocate.  Once they know and trust your work, they will come to you when they need content. Dawn, please stay in touch and let me know how you are progressing.


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8 responses to “Interesting question from a follower. Hope my answer helps you, too

  1. tppress

    Great advice. Success is simple … just not easy. I think too many folks are looking for easy. You’re right about the bookstores, too much work, not enough payback. I’ll take your advice today.
    Thank you.

    • Thanks for taking time to read and comment. I’m sure happy to help you in any other ways I can. Are you also an author?

      • tppress

        A publisher (author x 65). Good news is that once we get something working we can generally apply it across the board.

      • Tell me some more about how you apply your work across the whole board. I’m sure your thoughts will help lots who hope to accomplish the same. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, Marcia, you have such a wealth of information to share. Thank YOU. One really great way to stay in touch with your network is to use Constant Contact. So glad I helped you get set up with your template and on your way to staying in touch.

    • Carol, thanks for taking time to read and comment on my blog. I so appreciate you as a friend and a business buddy. I don’t think I could have gotten through my template setup without you. Have a wonderful day and we’ll see you later this week.

  3. Reblogged this on Carol Naff, Marketing Coach, and commented:
    Great ideas for expanding your network whether you are marketing a book or a service.

    • Yeah….Thank you, Carol. Thank you. You are the first TCO to re-blog and I send you my appreciation and my thanks! Reaching out to the other TCO’s to get busy and follow, like, and repost.

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