Hello out there…it’s me, Marcia

It’s been a very very long time since I have blogged. Having just returned from a long and restful vacation and having taken the time to dig into and analyze what is working and what changes to make, blogging returns.   I very much enjoy the blogs I follow and have found good results participating in media blogs interested in my area of expertise and content. Engaging in interesting, reciprocal dialogue helps us all and I  look forward to your active participation, feedback, and comments on these posts.

Today, let’s get back to some basic marketing 101. Taking time to market is often times low on client priority. You have a very simple and very inexpensive marketing tool that needs just a little attention to detail to really make the impact you desire.  What could I be talking about?

It’s there right in front of you. It’s part of the first impression you make.

It’s your business card. 

Of all the marketing aids available today, your business card is the least expensive tool you have. You should enclose not one, but TWO in everything that goes out from your office.  


Your recipient will put one in their rolodex and most will find a more creative way for the second card. They can send to a colleague, use as a book mark, send to a friend – along with a recommendation. If only one card in a thousand generates more business, YOU WIN. 

I have my business card in a parchment envelope and it has NEVER failed to stop the recipient in their tracks as they look at the card, comment on the envelope which always gives me time to say, “I do out of the envelope marketing”. This little trick has never, ever failed to do its job. $o easy, $o $imple, $o $mart. Call me and I’ll be happy to tell you where I get the envelopes. They come in a rainbow of colors.

And while we are talking about business cards…PLEASE do not have your contact information printed SO SMALL that the person you give the card to cannot read it without reading glasses.  Make it easy for you to be contacted. I’m not kidding about this.  I get so many cards and I have to work to figure out how to reach these folks. Business is tough enough without making someone work to find you. 

Other quick bullet point reminders:

  1. Take the time to hand write your correspondence. 
  2. Hand address the envelope.
  3. Put a real life stamp on the envelope. Get added marketing points if you have the stamps made to match your business logo and if you don’t know how to do that, call me. I’ll be happy to tell you.
  4. E-introduce a few people every week.
  5. Hand write thank you notes. (See points 2 & 3 above)

Keep at it religiously and you will see the results in your growing business.

And so Life goes…on and on

Marcia Reece
#1 Bestselling Author, Secrets of the Marriage Mouse
The Ultimate Online Media Directory

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