Introducing… newest book due from the publisher end of May, 2013!!

We know we have touched a nerve and hit upon a BIG need because pre-publication sales and interest in The Ultimate Online Media Directory are exploding. 

In The Ultimate Online Media Directory, (May, 2013, Aspen Publishing) Marcia Reece extracts lessons from every rung of her career to help others achieve media attention. Her toy company, Our Kids, became a media darling generating tens of millions of dollars in sales. And she did it all without a PR company. She is here to teach you how! Getting the attention of people who make the news is critical to your success.


The ONLY all-encompassing online media contacts list – covers all 50 states. At your fingertips 24/7.

·        7200+ Contacts for television, newspapers, radio, and magazines

·        37 Bonus Tips to jump start your success. Powerful productivity/time/success drivers

·        5 “Takeaway tools”—easy-to-implement NOW

·        13 Proven Sample Scripts for you to customize

·        1 full year of free updates to keep your data base current

Marcia is excited to share proven strategies she used to turn her books and products into media darlings. She will show you how you can make it happen for YOURSELF and your business!

If you want to:

* Avoid sending out emails that can get you blacklisted or damage your reputation
* Prevent saying something to the media that you can’t take back
* Eliminate missing key interviews and failing to do simple relationship building
* Stop working alone in a vacuum – the power of the media is here for you
* Quit wasting time and money

* Start reaping the financial benefits from your work

 If you want to:

*  Get more clients, customers and sales ASAP
*  Book media events, build infinite promotional demand, take your sales to global heights, and attract the kind of business you want
*  Build Your Brand into Global Exposure
*  Achieve the Financial Success for which you have worked so hard

This Directory guides you step by step and gives you our insider views learned through our years of experiences. Use our practical toolkit to build your brand and maximize the power of the media to build media relationships which grow sales beyond your wildest dreams.

Learn from some of the best in their fields. Ana Weber-Haber is a proven financial guru, having taken one company from annual revenues of $250,000 to $62 million in five years, and another from $100,000 to $12 million in three years.  At her current company, despite the recession, she tripled sales to $30million. In this Directory, Ana will share with you her 10 most powerful tips/tools to reach Super Success in your business and your personal life. 

This Directory helps you stop being the best-kept secret in your field. You get the kind of publicity, recognition, and sales you deserve.

But don’t delay, because…

Media darlings and successful people know what they know AND what they don’t know and are willing to learn what they need to know from those who have

Infinite Promotional Demand ● Global Brand Exposure ● Achieve Financial Success

Email me if you want more information.  This is the Directory I wished I had had when I promoted Secrets of the Marriage Mouse…


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