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Social Media…I’m really trying to learn some new tricks

Today I’m focusing on learning how to maneuver around HootSuite and then tonight I take a 3 hr class on Twitter.  That’s about as much as this old dog can learn in one day.  Learning is one thing…using what I learn will be another thing.  And then mastering is quite another thing all together.

Next up is MailChimp.  Anyone in my network care to help me learn how to use my MailChimp account?  I’m sure I can find an on-line tutorial.

Last night Ted and I were discussing the relevance of college education in today’s world.  Anyone computer literate can learn almost anything.  It will be fun to watch the importance of degrees in the next 20 years and what the “must have” degrees morph into.

And so life goes…on and on!

PS:  Happy Birthday to my niece, Anne, today.  She is the perfect example of what the first day of spring should look like – sunny and bright!


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