“Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be.” -Henry David Thoreau

What a great day this is to be ALIVE!


“Great day to be alive!!” “Great day to be alive!!” That’s the way Mike Shanahan, two time Super bowl Champion Coach, started every practice with the Denver Broncos.

No one likes practice.  I can’t image big muscle-bound football players do either.  Must be tough to keep your eye on your goals (and on the ball) when it is 100+ degrees or 5 degrees and cold and snowing.

Regardless of the weather or the team win/loss record, every day he’d say, “Great day to be ALIVE!!”  Rain or shine, frigid cold or intense heat, just getting started in a positive, take-charge frame of mind puts you ahead of everyone else trying to succeed at what you are doing.

Ten years ago I survived a life-threatening illness.  And every day since my recovery I have echoed Coach Shanahan’s words…Every day is a great day to be alive! Many people ask me why I am so positive and optimistic. It’s simple; I just remember back to those frightening days when I didn’t know whether I would recover or not, and no matter what is happening, it looks pretty amazing in comparison.

Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich talks about the power of thought.  The first story is about Edwin C. Barnes.  Mr. Barnes really wanted to partner with Thomas Edison but he had a few problems:  He didn’t know Edison, and he was too broke to get transportation to get to Orange, NJ where Edison did his business.  As the story goes, Mr. Barnes got to New Jersey, presented himself to Edison and initially got a job working for Edison which eventually opened the door to become partners with Edison through selling an invention.  According to Edison,  it was Barnes’ “expression on his face” which won him over.  Barnes always thought he would be Edison’s partner.

Barnes didn’t know how he would become Edison’s partner.  He had no money to begin with, little education and no influence.  He did have initiative, faith and the will to win.

Are you success conscious or failure conscious?  Is the word “impossible” in your vocabulary?  Take it out!  Ask Henry Ford’s V-8 engine or Bill Gates’ Microsoft Windows.  Do you think they used the word “impossible”?

You are the master of your fate, the captain of your soul if…  You understand the power harnessed through your thoughts and intense desire.

Action Step:  Make a conscious effort to take today as a new start in your way of thinking.  Nothing is impossible.  Your success begins with an intense desire to succeed!!

Give yourself 3 months to meticulously follow your goal of completing 3-5 daily goals that directly tie to the larger goal you will accomplish. (Note I did not say “trying to accomplish”; I said you will accomplish). From today on, think in that state of mind.  Then stretch that new habit to 6 months…and guess what?  At the end of the year, you will have exactly what you set to achieve.

Do what the experts do, expect the same results.  Be willing to adjust your sails if you get off course, however don’t stop doing your 3-5 daily marketing To-Do’s.  They will move your business and your goals forward.

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