My AMAZING Friends

For 30 years I’ve enjoyed the friendship of Al and Melinda Daigle.  I met them when I first moved to Niwot in the early 80’s.  They are both industrious and very hard working; clever and creative; talented and tenacious.
For many years, they lived on the East Coast and I missed them.  They have returned back to Colorado to retire and decided to build a zero-energy home which is a pretty new concept.  W E L L…did they ever take on a project.  They have put their lives in storage and have lived in a camper for I’m guessing two years now while they endured delays and more delays from the company they bought their new home from.  The “company” was to have supplied the critical main components and my two talented friends were going to do all the finish work.
It didn’t work out quiet like that and they have had to do much more than they ever imagined.
Well, this year was the first holiday they have celebrated in their home – mostly still unfinished.  But they were able to gather friends and family in their garage – with space heaters supplied by neighbors.
Melinda wrote a beautiful poem which I wanted to share with my community.  It really does exemplify how we learn to adjust and adapt as we must to the circumstances life gives us.  The poem is a beautiful reflection of these two amazing people.  I hope you enjoy it.
“A Pilgrim Thanksgiving”
by Melinda Daigle
I’m thankful we’re together
To christen our home this way
It really means so much to me
To be together on Thanksgiving Day.
I can’t believe you all are here
Especially our daughters three
Family, boyfriends and good friends, too
One big extended family.
We have so much to be grateful for
It’s been a long road for sure
Thanks to Al we have a roof on top
And very soon our own front door.
Heat, electricity and plumbing, too
It’s not far down the road
By next year at this time
I’ll have a washer to unload.
I don’t know if I’ll like more space
Than our camper built for two
But somehow I’ll adjust, I’m sure
We’ve certainly learned how to make do.
We never forget to sometimes share
Good times with family and friends
We couldn’t ask for a better home
With a view that just never ends.
Al would say he’s thankful, too
Cuz he chose such a patient wife
Not every woman would be like me
On that you can bet your life.
The Pilgrims and the Wampanoag
Celebrated their first successful harvest
Deer, corn, shellfish, roasted meat and cranberries
Not stuff bought at a supermarket.
So one warm day, we had the idea
To host our “Pilgrim Thanksgiving”
Being together in this rustic setting
Should remind us there’s a lot more to living.
You don’t need stuff to be happy
I’ve definitely learned that as well
I don’t even remember what I have anymore
What we kept, gave away or did sell.
So let’s take time to remember
That life is truly a blessing
Thank you all for making our house a home
Oh…and would you please pass the dressing?
What a lesson for all of us!  Thanks, Melinda

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