The past comes full circle

Many years ago, making sidewalk chalk for my children became a company called Our Kids.  I didn’t know anything about wholesaling or retailing, so I made my first trip to the Denver Merchandise Mart to begin to learn what I needed to know.  I met and hired a wonderful lady, Barbara Avrin, who became my first manufacturer’s representative.  I learned so much of what I needed to know from Barbara and I owe so much of Our Kids’ success to the lessons I learned from Barbara and Norma.

Fast forward to this summer.  One of my friends recommended I read a book, It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You! My friend felt this book would be helpful as I was beginning the marketing for my book.  I very much enjoyed this read!

I have found now that I have written a book, I read a book much differently than ever before.  I look at the format, the type style, the layout, the front and back cover art.  And I read the forward, the acknowledgements, and the author’s page.  I noticed the author of this book lived in Castle Rock, CO, about a 30 mile drive from my home.  I also noticed the author’s last name was the same as my dear friend, Barbara.  I wondered if they knew each other.

I did a little online research and sent an email to the author explaining all of the above to him, asking if he knew Barbara Avrin.  I was thrilled to hear back the next day saying Barbara was his mother.  That email led to a wonderful phone call.

I was so saddened to learn that Barbara had passed away two years ago, but I knew that I had to meet David and express to him in person all that his mother had meant to me and my professional growth. I proposed a lunch and I eagerly anticipated meeting Barbara’s son and a fellow author who has had great success with his writing and speaking career.

Our busy schedules made it really tough to coordinate our calendars.  But today was the day and I was emotionally moved to meet David and hug him and tell him how much I loved his mother and what she meant to me.  We shared “Barbara stories” and they are priceless.

I know Barbara was smiling on both of us!  I could feel it.  I kept looking at David’s face trying to see Barbara in his features.  He’s a wonderful man and a tribute to all she tried to install in her children.

David and I had much to discuss and I’m so pleased to have a new friend!

Barbara, I miss you so much, and I thank you for all that you brought to my life – way back in the days of Our Kids – and today, when your kind son so generously offered his thoughts, insights, and guidance of the journey I am now undertaking.

And so life goes on and on…



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  1. Pam

    I too remember Barbara and her tales of riding a bicycle…:) The chalk days, Toy Soldiers, the grape crates, pot pourri, we have so many stories! We need to chat!

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