60 Months and a Very Real Prayer Request

September 6, 2007 and my life was about to change.  I had moved to Denver just 6 weeks earlier and was so excited to be near my family again.  I loved the new home I had purchased and was busy settling in.

I was invited to a party at Shooz – a shoe store which is now closed  😦

Shooz was having a fall shoe preview party and I thought it would be a great way to meet some of the ladies in the neighborhood where I had just moved.

Little did I know going to that shoe store party would set my world on end.

My message today is to live full out.  Take chances.  Go places you might not usually go.  Always be ready for the dreams on your Dream Board to come true, because they do come true!! Show gratitude each and every day for the miracles in your lives.

Because I went to the shoe store:

  • I met Ted
  • We fell in love
  • We married
  • I wrote Secrets of the Marriage Mouse and new doors continue to open each day thanks to this little book
  • and life just keeps getting richer and fuller

We have celebrated each and every one of these 60 months and what a joy having a life partner has become!!

On another note, my precious great niece Gabby Lohse is having an important surgery today and I would encourage each and every one of you to stop for a moment today and pray for the skill of Gabby’s surgeons.  Gabby was born deaf.  At 9 months old she had bilateral cochlear implants.  Her adaption to her “new ears” has been beyond all expectations.  We all have been so grateful.

Yesterday my niece posted on Facebook that one of the implants had become infected and today it was being removed.  Gabby will have 4-6 weeks to “beat that darn old infection” and then the implant will be re-implanted.

Please say a prayer for this beautiful little girl – that her hearing will be restored and she will skip right over this road bump.  Gabby is very special to me.  I was in Northwestern Hospital recovering from my colon surgery when I learned Gabby was deaf.  Suddenly, my procedure took on a new perspective.  We both had great outcomes.  We are both fighters.  She is the oldest of the 3 girls in her family, I was the youngest of 3 girls in my family.  Gabby, I think this foretells great things for you!!

GO Gabby GO!!

Gabby, you and I both have so much for which to be grateful!



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