Happy and healthy…

33 days to go until the official virtual online book release for Secrets of the Marriage Mouse.  The adrenaline is flowing and massive amounts of details and last efforts are in play to make the book launch as successful as possible.  

Many around me have had the “crud” which seems to be not so easy to shake as a common cold.  I have babysit all 4 kiddos in the past week, Ted is sick, and still I am chugging away.  I have been paying particular attention to my health as I know what’s required of my mentally and physically to cross the September 25 finish line.

So today is a good time to blog about is the importance of your physical health.

Simply put, I want to say and have you realize how special it is for you to be alive and the reason for that is because of your physical health. 

Good health and a strong body is something for which you can give a very special thanks. 

Where can you start? 

Let me give you an example of what I do. 

Every night before going to sleep, Ted and I express to each other 3 things for which we are particularly grateful that day.  It’s interesting what comes up and it gives us an insight into what has been important for our partner during the day.  At our ages, health comes into play more and  more often ~ especially since I am scheduled for a colonoscopy next Wednesday!   Wow..I can hardly wait for next Tuesday.  I may be wishing I had a computer in the bathroom by the end of the preparation!!!!

Each and every day, I say to myself: “I am so gifted, grateful and thankful because I am alive and in perfect health.”  Now, I know some of you are bored with my harping on the importance of health.  Having had my health seriously compromised in 2000 and then having a tap dance with colon cancer immediately put the value of health into an entirely different category.  

Health is the one thing in my life I will never take for granted again.  We all do it to often.  The body is such a magnificent structure and it has earned my respect, admiration, and now I’m trying to be more devoted to its needs.

It is wise that you do something similar, whatever feels comfortable for you, to be thankful and grateful for regarding your body and physical health. 

Another way of showing my appreciation is by taking care of my body and physical health. I’ve been neglecting this part of my life since The Book took over so much energy and so many hours.  But that ends.  We have canceled our membership to a health club which is far from our home in favor of one which is about 6 blocks away.  I’m excited as I can get in some walking exercise to and from the club rather than exercising the car keys and having t0 deal with traffic.  

Ted just finished reading a great book called Culinary Intelligence by Peter Kaminsky.  It’s next on my reading list.  Practical ways of thinking about food for people like us who love to eat and love to cook.  More about less is more and especially when using only the finest ingredients we can find.  

So working on the food issue is next for me.  I do really well consuming gallons of water and I have no issues sleeping.  Check those areas of your overall health as well.  

For you, do what works best and what you feel comfortable with. If you’d rather jog than walk, then jog but do some form of exercise that you can sustain. The same is true with how you eat and sleep. Different things work for different people. 

The main point I want to make is for you to take care of your body and physical health. Your body is always giving you feedback in the form of signs and symptoms as to whether you’re being grateful and thankful. 

No matter how you look at it, your body and physical health is the central point of everything you do. 

When you’re grateful and appreciate the many different things in your life, your body responds and rewards you. 

Even when things are not going the way you would like them to, always take the time to give back to your physical health. 

No matter what is going on in your life, you can always overcome it and the most powerful way to begin doing that is by having optimal physical health. 

Be grateful for who you are. Be grateful for those around you… 

And be grateful for the fact that you’re alive and contributing so much to the world through your amazing uniqueness. 

And so life goes…on and on

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