Colorado Independent Publishers Association ~ CIPA

This past Saturday, I attended my first CIPA meeting.  I was expecting the usual “dry donut – boring content meeting and WOW was I ever surprised, pleased, and over the top happy I spent 4 hours of my Saturday with CIPA.

For all following my blog journey on becoming a first time author (notice I don’t say Writer anymore), and for those of you who are currently writing/authoring, joining this group is worth your time and your money.

8:00 a.m.    +

Saturday    +

South Denver drive time    +

equals an early wake-up, get out of bed and go type of Saturday morning.  Usually, I’m an early bird (evidenced by this 5 am writing time), but I had just returned late Friday evening from Mexico, so an early Saturday morning wasn’t on the agenda.

Our speaker, Orvel Ray Wilson, of Guerrilla Marketing ( fame gave a great, informative talk on the power of social media.  In spite of my 30 years of successful marketing background, this new-fangled social media is a learning curve for me.  Orvel gave a high-energy, funny, intelligent presentation which was followed up with the kind of question and answer/comment session which leads to lots of note taking.  Slowly, social media is becoming a beast I think I can tame.

The group then broke up into 6 different roundtable groups each covering a specialized aspect of social media marketing.

Networking with the CIPA member and guests rounded out a perfect Saturday morning!  Thanks to all for making this first time author feel so welcome.

I also was lucky enough to sit next to Ellen Sears.  Ellen is the kind of lady who only comes around in life a few times.  She is an accomplished lady “of a certain age” who has walked the walk, can talk the talk, and her energy, expertise, and experience are awe-inspiring, to say the very least.  Her warm, sparkling eyes, her easy smile, and her intelligence are only the beginning of her list of attributes.

Now, how can I have had all of this packed into  Saturday morning.  It’s always better to be lucky than smart.  I was at the right place at the right time.

And so life goes…on and on.


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8 responses to “Colorado Independent Publishers Association ~ CIPA

  1. Ellen Sears

    Thank you for your very gracious comments, Marcia. I look forward to following your road to success as marketing guru for your books! Ciao, Ellen

  2. Blake S.

    Morning Marcia, I did enjoy your posting this morning thank you for sharing. I am anxious to hear more of your book and about being a convert to SM (social media).
    SM “had me at hello” back a number of years ago and have been a advocate of inbound/outbound marketing efforts since then for many of my clients. The funny part now (as you know) is I am now on the other side of that desk and on the verge of launching a new retail product line. To all my former clients… OMG forgive me. I did not realize how daunting that first step is.
    SM I am now thinking is like jumping into the lake at the cabin on Memorial Day. You know it is going to be icy cold. Everyone is egging you on to jump in and that you will get used to it. It looks really inviting and everyone IS having fun. But MAN that first plunge is a #*%!@.
    I am not sure if you know of the author Richard Paul Evans but he is doing some very interesting things mixing his fictional book with the reality of SM. VERY cool. A kindred soul he an I. Waiting impatiently for his next book here next month. Look him up.
    Well, better get back to to it. Thanks again for sharing.

    “blessed are those that race to their jobs each Monday morning”

    P.S. have an idea that might be an interesting mix of FCodes and your book. Give me a shout.

  3. Marcia–thanks for the note on the CIPA meeting–first for me too. I climbed a number of steep steps, but came away pumped with energy, and will join the group. Orvel Ray Wilson? Impressive beyond my high expectations. I’d pay to see him again. Picked up great ideas for my Website and “bullhorning” my marketing efforts. I’ll soon publish, so the CIPA meeting was timely for me. Regards, John .

  4. What a great post! Thanks, Marcia, for sharing your experience. I enjoy CIPA’s pool of energy, knowledge, experience and great people. Welcome! And I look forward to seeing you again. 🙂 –Maryann Brown

  5. Thank you Marcia for your kind words about my presentation. While Social Media isn’t a strength of mine, it is a very exciting field. I’m glad you fould it of value –Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP, The Guerrilla

  6. Thank you for your support, Marcia. This meeting was one of many fantastic events that CIPA offers their members (and Guests). We look forward to watching you grow as an author and watching the success of your book.

  7. marybtb

    Thank you Marcia! As a CIPA board member I’m always delighted to get feedback like yours. Looking forward to seeing you at the May meeting.

  8. Mike Daniels

    Appreciate your comments about your very first CIPA meeting. Thank you for the kudos and promotion of our organization. How did you learn about CIPA and what prompted you to attend the meeting? Where did you drive from in order to attend the meeting at the Lone tree Arts Center?

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