Dinner with KC and Steve, Don and Dora

Last night we had a spontaneous patio dinner party.  We are enjoying our unseasonably warm weather and spending as much time as possible enjoying record-breaking days.  Conversation was light and interesting.  The Book was discussed and KC really stepped up to my plate and is offering social media/website help as only the techie generation can.  She can do things to make The Book as viral as possible.  Techniques I know the marketing principal behind but she knows the nuts and bolts of how to make it work to get the word out.

So to KC, I send out a HUGE thank you.  Her gracious offer to help makes me think of one of my favorite quotes by George Bernard Shaw.  Life is not a “brief candle.”  It is a splendid torch that must be made to burn as brightly as possible before it is handed on to the next generation.  Thanks, KC for helping the torch burn brightly and for passing your knowledge BACK to my generation.  The Book will pay forward and help many.

So, let’s all think how we can pay forward something in our skill set to help someone who needs help.

How Can You Share Your Spark with Others

Light is meant to be shared. If you try to hoard it or keep it covered, out of everyone’s sight, you’ll just end up smothering it. Try to close it in your fist so it doesn’t get away, and it burns you. You can’t possess light. All you can do is appreciate it, use it and help others use it, too. In the same way, your life is also meant to be shared. Many people look upon their lives as something that must be jealously protected and stowed away. They block out others and are afraid to share their time, their talents, their expertise. What happens? Their spark suffocates. But there are others who have an abundance mentality. They believe, correctly so, that there’s plenty of life to go around, that all flames get brighter when we share them. They know that when we invest energy in others, we get even more in return. Don’t sacrifice your chance at a bonfire because you’re too busy trying to keep a tiny match from going out.

Thanks, KC.  Let’s light up a big fire…just like last night in front of the fireplace on the patio.


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2 responses to “Dinner with KC and Steve, Don and Dora

  1. KC

    You’re welcome! I look forward to working with you on getting you setup for social media! We had a great time hanging out with you and Ted. Thanks for the delicious kabobs and homemade brownies!

    • Our pleasure. It was nice to meet your friends. Very nice people. CONFIDENTIAL COMMUNICATION E-mails and attachments from this sender normally contain confidential and privileged material, and are for the sole use of the intended recipient. Use or distribution by an unintended recipient is prohibited, and may be a violation of law. If you believe you received this e-mail in error, please do not read this e-mail or any attached items. Please delete the e-mail and all attachments, including any copies thereof immediately and inform the sender you have deleted the e-mail, all attachments and any copies thereof. Thank you for your cooperation.

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