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One busy day leads to another

Ana and Mario are keeping me on my toes. After a full day yesterday and over a two hour wait for dinner last night, it was late to bed.
This morning, I was up early making the dough for pecan rolls (sticky buns) and also doing the chopping for a sausage and veggie frittata. All kitchen prep is done.
I came up to my office and worked on the Media sheet for my media release. It was fun to look back over the many articles, television appearances and speaking engagements. Good memories.
Then I did a double check to make sure the quotes used in the book are only used once…and guess what? I had some repeats. That’s been corrected.
Guess it’s time for a shower and the day will begin with making some strong coffee for Mario. He’s from Argentina and yesterday’s coffee was way too weak for him.

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Happy Day Today ~ preparing for a special visit

Today was a happy day ~ spent mostly in my kitchen getting advance food prep done for the weekend with Ana and Mario.  They became engaged during the SuperBowl, so I wanted to have a lot of love-filled, romantic touches ready for their arrival tonight.  Their flight arrives from LAX at 7:00 p.m.  Ana is a special friend and it has been wonderful getting to be with her Forever Love, Mario.  We spent Christmas together in San Francisco, so this will be our second trip with Mario.  He’s easy to be with and a very sweet personality.  They are both from Newport Beach, CA, so this snow will be a “treat” (?) for them.

To make their arrival special, I chocolate dipped big fat juicy strawberries and made heart shaped walnut brownies with coconut and both milk and white chocolate drizzle on top.  These are each wrapped and then alternated with the strawberries on a very chic oblong tray and it is sitting on the corner of their bed.  On the table in their bedroom, there is a beautiful bouquet of red and white roses and purple tulips. 

Sitting against the pillows is a specially wrapped package for Ana and also one for Mario.  The two gifts have an congratulatory engagement card centered between them.

So that should start the weekend with a happy smile on their faces. 

Tomorrow will start with a 9 am biz meeting followed by a surprise high tea at the Brown Palace to officially celebrate their anniversary.   Ana also wants a tour of Aspen Publishing and Aspen Graphics who have printed her last two books.

Dinner tomorrow night will be with KC and Steve.  Steve, my accountant, has been told he should not engage Ana in CFO financial jargon and he laughed.  They are both in the “numbers” business.

Saturday starts off with a biz meeting with Senator Hagedorn concerning a very exciting new project.  It will be fun to see if Ana is interested.  We all hope so.

The rest of the weekend is going to be fun, touristy stuff around Denver and the mountains ~ as much as this darn snow will allow. 

The book took a backseat today so I could get my home all prepared for their visit.  All I did today was do the research on my previous media so I can construct a Media page for my Media Release.  Glad to have that off my to-do list.

That’s it for today.  I will be leaving for the airport in 15 minutes to pick them up.

All my best ~ it will be a great visit.  These are special people.

Cheers, Marcia

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Some of my favorite days are those spent with Diana

What a joyous day today!!  My daughter, Suzanne, and 7 month old Zane came to visit.  He is as adorable as ever.  My dear, dear friend, Diana and her daughter, Shoni were here so we had a great time together.  Shoni is getting married in October so there was lots of fun talk about grooms, brides, and a new life for her.  Congratulations to Dave and Shoni!!

Diana and Shoni and I then had a “business meeting”, just like the old days.  We discussed a new product line they want to bring to the market and the results of some test marketing I had done for them on a recent trip to Hawaii.

And then we discussed the book and some of their ideas.  They are both so creative and great sounding boards.  I emailed them the manuscript so they can give constructive criticism prior to final editing and printing.

One of my greatest blessings in life has been the longtime friendship of Diana.  She is a jewel like no other.

Have a great evening!

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Met with my Editor Today

Very happy to blog here and let you all know that today was spent talking with my editor, Paulette Whitcomb. She is a treasure and I learned so much. I submit the manuscript to her on February 14 ~ which we both decided was a good day. I don’t think it will take her long after submission since our phone discussion today was so detailed. We had some fun googling words to make sure the title is correct. What a blast! I even found something I can use that I had not seen on earlier google searches.

This is such a fun project.

More later…

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Goals that Help; Goals that Hurt

Remember to Think Positive


When I made the activity quilt for my grandson, I used goal setting to keep my on track.  I also use goal setting as I write my book.  I think you might enjoy some of my thoughts on goal setting.  I’d like to hear from  you as to how you set and reach your goals as well.

From your small first goal setting steps you take to the long-range visions shaping the new lifestyle you are trying to create, we know the people who succeed are the ones who have chosen their goals wisely and pursued them vigorously.

But how do you know if the goals you set are “wise”—i.e., the right goals for you? Setting goals that don’t suit you can be the root of much avoidable suffering. You can determine whether your goals are helping you or hurting you in three easy steps:

Step 1: Write down your goals.  Take a close look at the words that express your goals. Look through your goals for any of the following words: NO, NOT, NEVER, STOP, LIMIT, or QUIT. If these negative words (or similar ones) play an important role in the way you have stated your goals, you may be setting yourself up for problems. Here’s why.

Words are very powerful! They focus your attention in one area while other possibilities fade away. When words are negative, their results are negative. When you say, for example, “Stop eating chocolate,” what are you really doing? You are focusing your attention on the very thing you want to avoid—chocolate.

Step 2: Do your goals deprive you of something you want (or think you want)?  If so, you’re just setting yourself up for feelings of deprivation, resentment, and rebelliousness. Contrary to what we have learned, making something off-limits isn’t the best way to maintain control.

Step 3: Do your goals set you up for failure?  Framing your goals in negative terms creates an all-or-nothing situation, where even one small slip means failure.

It all starts with the words.

The great thing about having the capacity for language is we can use words to help ourselves want what it is best for us. Framing your goals in positive terms makes reaching them much easier. Positive words allow you to:

  • Focus on what you really want, and on what is helpful and achievable. This creates positive energy and momentum instead of feelings of deprivation and resentment.
  • Adjust your plans when you have the inevitable slip-up or fall behind in your plans. Instead of giving up when you mess up, you can make small changes to balance things out.
  • Check in with yourself before you act. Ask yourself if what you are about to do will help you reach your goals.
  • Have true freedom of choice, rather than forcing yourself to rely on will power alone. We just aren’t designed to white-knuckle our way through life, always resisting what we think we really want.

So, go through your goals with a fine-toothed comb, and make sure they are positive. Focus on what you DO want and what you WILL accomplish. Keep track of your small steps as a necessary tactical measure, but don’t confuse missing a step on any given day with “failure.” There’s more going on than what happens on any single day, and well-framed goals can help you keep that in view.

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Oh Holy Night ~ It’s snowing again

Where, oh, where is all this snow coming from?  It can stop any time now.  I have friends coming Thursday night to spend the weekend.  They are from Southern California (Newport Beach) and don’t understand the concept of snow.  Plus, I have a fantastic pair of new shoes to wear that are not conducive to snowy weather.

On another note, I just had my first true belly laugh of the day.  Steve Yobst and KC, my CPA and his lady friend made their “special” rum cake.  It was made in a castle shaped bundt pan and was not only fun to look at but does taste delicious.  However, the best part of the gift was the accompanying DVD, wherein KC videos Steve making the cake.  Julia Child would be proud to work along side such a master…come to think of it, the mixer Steve uses is right from the early days of Julia’s reign over the world of cooking.

I will try to find out how you can all access this video.  It is hilarious.  Who knew accountants could have a sense of humor in addition to crunching numbers.  Steve’s explanation of how the Duncan Hines company came to be called Duncan Hines is text book stand up comedy.

Now, I’m off to finish up the last writing for Chapter 8.  I had to wait until I received two more stories which I want to include.  Once those are both added and formatted, it may be time for the final review by my editor!!

Have a great day everyone; and if you want to order rum bundt cakes, please ask me to put you in contact with Steve.  Even if your recipient doesn’t care for rum cake, the DVD is food for the soul.

Also, one more thank you to KC for explaining to me how to post pictures on this blog.  Expect to see some soon…As soon as I print out her explanation and follow the steps.

Have a rum-cake kind of day!

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The Book ~ Details abound

Today, I spent the entire day working on announcing my blog and then cleaning out my email list of addresses that were no longer valid as well as making sure those who do not want to be included in future mailings are also removed.

This simple activity has taken an unbelievable amount of time!  But it sure feels good to be working with a clean list.

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