Busy Day at the Keyboard

Wow, today was a powerful day starting at 4 am.  I had been pondering the treatment of some material a friend had submitted to be included in my book.  And like magic, the answer came to be at 4 am.  SO, I got up and went to the keyboard and it’s now 4:13 pm and I am just getting ready to sign off and have a 90 minute massage!

So much good writing today.  I went back to some journals I had kept back in 2001 and found the material I knew I had but couldn’t remember where it was.  The material adds some depth to examples as I put it in unedited ~ really showing exactly where my head was eleven years ago.

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Colorado which was just a perfect backdrop for a lunchtime walk.  I will have to pay the piper tonight as things that I needed to get done from today’s To-Do list were not crossed off.  Oh, well, tomorrow is another day.  When the writing bug bites, I just let it flow.

Most exciting was my getting down the foundational outline for a workshop dealing with the book contents…well, I’m not known for thinking small or inside the box.  Ran the workshop idea by two folks who know about the book and both gave hardy thumbs up.

Jeannine, my daughter in law, gave me a good belly laugh today as she described 3 year old Luke coming out of the bathroom with his Toy Story underwear down around his ankles and a toilet plunger on top of his head.  My mind’s eye saw a cute little version of the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.  I’m so blessed to have such creative grandchildren!

Senator Hagedorn invited me to trek along with him to The Tattered Cover Bookstore and do some interesting research.  He’s also working on his first graphic novel, so we will have lots in common to discuss.

Off to the massage…drool, drool, snooze!!

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