Smash is a smash hit in my book

I’m just loving Smash the new NBC show on the making of a Broadway musical.  I adore musicals and this one is about Marilyn Monroe.  Plus one of the characters is based on a character who grew up in Iowa ~ even more fun for those of us who left Iowa for the Big Wild World.  Plus in a tiny way, I am relating with the writers and the whole creative process.  It is touching me like never before because of my writing.

Today was a great day.  One particular part of the book I had been waiting for came into place and it was wonderful!  I also had some advice from my editor on the opening of the book.  She had a very clever idea and I will write around it tomorrow.  I usually get my inspiration at 4 am, so my fingers will be ready, willing, and able.

There is a book in the making and it looks to be a good book with a wide market.  While the editor is working on the edits, I plan to start detailing the marketing plan and outlining the collateral products that will support the book in the gift market.

On a personal level I am dealing with a couple of folks I had trusted and am now finding out that trust may have been misplaced.  Damn!  I hate when people are not as they appear.  However, the writing of  this chapter is not finished and often times, the endings have surprises!!

I have a musical I just love and have seen 4 times in three countries.  Anyone reading my blog is welcome to chime in and see if you can guess which musical I am speaking about.    Anyone game??


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One response to “Smash is a smash hit in my book

  1. Mary

    I know but due only to inside information! I won’t tell and spoil it for the rest of you.

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