Sunny Sunday

We had near perfect late February winter weather here today.  We walked to the coffee shop for a fun meet up with a very cool lady.

I didn’t even go into my office today nor even think about writing or the writing project.  I am finding I need to take a little break every once in a while.  I also find that my mental writing inspiration comes around 4 am.  I have found it is best for me to just get up and write.  Usually that leads to a 3-5 hour marathon writing spurt.  I am not annoyed at getting out of bed so early; but am very thankful for the clear thoughts and the mental state that lets me move forward. 

The week ahead promises to be exciting work with the editor.  I am ready to start rewriting what needs to be rewriten and trying to add finishes touches.

The last week of February plus a leap year 29th of February.  2012 is speeding right along.

I’d like to ask those of you reading this blog to chime in and let me know the story of how you met your “Forever Love”.  If any of your stories work, they may be included in a website, if you give permission.  So…let us know how you met your Forever Love ~ what you went through to find this person, the ups and the downs and when you KNEW it was the person for you.  Looking forward to your comments.

Happy Monday

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