Drip, drip, drip…leads to a new ceiling

Last time I blogged, I was enjoying Ana and Mario’s visit from Southern California.  What a delightful time we had exploring Colorado and showing these sun-loving Californians majestic Colorado.

Saturday afternoon I was sitting my dining room table for lunch when I looked up and saw a drip from my living room ceiling.  Several hours later and many many many drips later, the plumber discovered two small spots of missing caulk from around the Jacuzzi tub.

However, it just didn’t make sense to me that much water damage could result from these two tiny spots.  A second opinion found the real problem ~ actually 3 of them.  Soon all will be repaired.  A dripping, soggy ceiling certainly did curtail Saturday afternoon plans.

Big News!  The book was submitted to my editor last week.  Yesterday I received an informative two page letter with her initial findings.  Some work is needed.   Some of her interesting comments were:

“You do have the makings of an appealing, and delightful, book.  They are strong, inventive makings.  You also have the right tone:  The reader will sense your self-confidence and heed your words.”

“The book does not need superheavy lifting, but it does need much more than light editing:  While it’s pretty much all there, it needs re-arranging and re-stitching, which must be done so the seams do not show.”

I loved all of her comments and did not feel butchered when I finished reading them.  For a first time writer, this is such an interesting project.  I am encouraged that I may not be as far from publishing as I had first feared.

So…now on to the next steps.

Thankfully, we survived yesterday’s high winds with no damage.

I am enjoying your comments regarding this blog.  Thank you for taking time to read and comment.  This week I will learn how to link as I have some interesting items to share with you.

One video clip which is a must watch is our accountant making a rum cake!  And we all thought accountants were dry, dull sorts with green eyeshades.  Well not ours.  He’s a hoot.  Look for the link soon.

~And have a great day!


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